If broccoli tastes like schnitzel

What is the main reason why we do not eat healthier? Simple: steamed vegetables just do not taste as good as a portion of crispy French fries or a juicy-sweet chocolate muffin. At least not. For if "Set To Mimic" already exists, we would probably all be eating more of fresh fruit and vegetables, but it tastes like the highest in calories. Sorina R—пsteanu created the dishes of the future, which together with a microchip changes the taste of food and drink of choice. And then Karfiol suddenly tastes like chips or a carrot like vanilla ice cream.

What you have to do for it? Not much: Place the healthy food on the special plate, adjust to what the food intake should taste, attach an adhesive gel pad to the temple and start eating. The Microchip contained in the Gelpad communicates wirelessly with our brain, awakens memories of past eating experiences and lets us smell and taste what we want. The following short video shows how it works:

Sadly, Set To Mimic is just a concept, but we keep our fingers crossed and taste buds that it will soon be turned into reality and that we'll easily beat future food cravings with a light salad.