Losing weight with artichokes – how it works!

In Mediterranean countries, artichoke has long been on the menu. In this country, it is rarely eaten – highest laid on a pizza. It's a pity, because there are nutrients in the medicinal plant that boost our metabolism in many ways and thus help you lose weight!

How does the artichoke help with weight loss?

The plant contains a lot of fiber, which lower the blood sugar level and regulate cholesterol levels. In addition, the artichoke helps with constipation and promotes the digestion of fats. Those who regularly eat artichokes also improve liver function. So you have three functions that are helpful in losing weight: artichokes themselves are low in calories, they have a dehydrating effect and they promote the burning of fat.

How often do I have to eat artichokes to lose weight?

Artichokes prevent cravings, so you can eat them regularly as a snack between meals. There are already ready-made artichoke capsules to be eaten. We recommend artichoke water to help you lose weight. For this purpose, you should drink three glasses of artichoke water per day for at least 3 months every day for 10 days. Of course you should abstain from greasy or sugary foods during this time. Prepare artichoke water:
Wash the artichoke well, remove the stalk and cut it in half. Now cook with 1 liter of water until it is very soft. You can eat the boiled artichoke – you drink the water daily for the weight loss treatment. It is best to drink a glass of artichoke water after eating to promote digestion. Our tip: you can spice up the taste of artichoke water with a little lemon juice and mint leaves! Љ Video: G + J Digital Products