Popcorn is healthy – and helps you lose weight!

100 grams of popcorn have almost 400 kcal. They're not a lightweight right now – but with only 4 grams of fat, they're not terrible fat bombs. So, we do not need to have a terribly bad conscience when preparing a bowl of popcorn for the children's Cinema Sunday Afternoon (and then 90% self-feeding). No "awfully bad conscience"? Ha! From now on, we even have a really good feeling when we push the popped corn grains in the throat. Because an investigation of the US scientist Joe Vinson has revealed: Popcorn is even really healthy. And it even helps you to lose weight more easily! Why popcorn is really healthy and slim: Popcorn contains fiber. And lots of indigestible fiber, which will fill you up for a long time. It literally swells up in the stomach. In a word, after a few handfuls of popcorn hunger does not come back immediately, you do not feed quickly the next fad. Popcorn is gluten free. Yes! If your gastrointestinal tract is sensitive or you have a gluten intolerance: Popcorn is more digestible than other snacks that contain mostly gluten protein. Popcorn contains antioxidants. Popped corn contains, according to Vinson's analysis, an extremely large number of antioxidants, ie radical scavengers, which protect our body from environmental damage and carcinogenic pollutants. A serving of popcorn delivers an incredible 300 milligrams of antioxidants (also known as polyphenols). For comparison, the same serving of fruit only provides about 160 milligrams of polyphenols. Because in contrast to popcorn fruit is of course largely water. So popcorn contains healthy antioxidants, are easily tolerated and help you lose weight. Great! But is that true for every popcorn? Unfortunately no … Stay away from microwave popcorn Unfortunately, not every type of popcorn is immensely healthy. For example, industrially processed microwave popcorn usually contains lots of sugar and fat to enhance the taste. Some manufacturers spray the snack with harmful chemicals such as diacetyl. It is a substance that, according to medical research, can cause lung damage. So what to do? Well: the best way to prepare the popcorn yourself. So you can also control the fat content (or even omit completely). The fine: Popcorn succeeds super fast. Home-made popcorn: the preparation In a high pot, heat three tablespoons of dried corn kernels and three tablespoons of high-quality oil. Cover with a lid, shaking well again and again so that nothing burns. After a short time you will hear the mail "plop". When the sounds stop, remove the pot from the heat, salt the popcorn well – ready. If you use a deep, non-stick pan, you can do without the oil completely.