So you avoid cravings attacks in the evening

It's an eternal vicious circle – all those who have to pay attention to their line will understand that very well! All day long you eat only healthy things: the morning coffee we drink with low-fat milk, for breakfast there is yogurt with fruit, at noon we enjoy a salad, possibly with lean turkey and certainly with not too much oil, as a snack is ' s raw vegetables or fruit, maybe even a handful of nuts and in the evening steamed vegetables with fish or wholemeal bread with cottage cheese, lean ham and cucumber. Sounds like the perfect diet, if there was not the cravings that we just have to suffer again and again – especially when we actually can not or will not allow ourselves. This beast!
But we have the best tricks on how to avoid this cravings! 1. proteins
Food cravings usually come when the body has been low on calories during the day. The insider tip: eat proteins! Because they are healthy and are good for the longer lasting feeling of fullness! 2nd movement
If you spent the whole day in the office, then you need fresh air. To escape the cravings attack is an evening walk therefore just the thing. In addition, you will sleep much better after moving in the fresh air. Guaranteed!

3. herbal tea
What helps if you are full, but still somehow still want to "consume" something? Tea! Warm herbal tea not only tastes good and is healthy, but also satisfies, because the "water" of the stomach is filled. And he also helps to relax in the evening. 4. More sleep!
Studies confirm that people who get too little sleep are more likely to struggle with weight problems. So off to bed! 5. Brush your teeth
Incidentally, it is also a simple and very effective trick to brush your teeth. The toothpaste gives the mouth a different taste and the cravings for sweets or chips & co is significantly reduced. A tip: brush your teeth and with a great movie (DVD or Netflix) off to bed. Wonderfully relaxing and good for the figure. 6. Healthy snacks
If we get hungry despite dinner somehow, then please only snack on healthy snacks. You can, for example, make berries and fruits, or prepare healthy vegetable chips, from zucchini, squash & Co. Taste good and are totally low in calories.
My personal recipe tip:
Cut the pumpkin into thin slices, place it on a sheet covered with baking paper, sprinkle with a little salt and drizzle with water and place in the oven at 200 ° C for about 15 minutes. So long until the pumpkin has taken on a nice color and has become soft enough.