Test: 5 Days Detox Delight Soup & Juice

ќDrink only juices for 5 days? But no, a soup daily adds! I tested Detox Delight and tell you how it was. "

5 Days Detox – The Schedule:

I want to detoxify my body, which basically means anything that's fun in the detox era is fun: alcohol, caffeine, and even Christmas biscuits! From Monday to Friday it means: 4x 500ml juice + 1 soup daily. Of course, I may / should additionally drink still water and tea as much as I like. My "food" I get every 2 days by a courier daily delivered home, since the juices have no long shelf life and must always be fresh!

Fresh delivery by courier

Detox preparation

So that my body does not react so badly to classic detox side effects such as cravings, tiredness or headaches to the withdrawal, I should already a few days before the start of meat, cheese, white flour, sweets, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine reduce. For me, the opposite is the case – I was the day before the start until 8 clock early dancing in the club and go with quasi Hangover in the cure. Let's see what the body says … * fear

My first delivery:

WOMAN editor Nadja drinks only juice for 5 days from today! How to do it while detoxing, you will learn on woman.at #detoxdelight #detox #freshjuice #healthy #gesund #nomnom #kur #defens A photo posted by WOMAN (@womanmagazin) on Dec 12, 2014 at 5:40 PST

How do juices and soup taste?

Apart from the fact that I am totally excited about the first delivery because of the extremely sweet design, the juices taste more than delicious on top of that! At first I was a little scared that I would have to strangle that stuff down, but with every sip of juices a little taste explosion exploded in my mouth. Supposedly per bottle up to 3 kilos of fruit and vegetables are included and somehow you can taste it too. The juices are numbered from 1 to 4 and in the evening there 's then the delicious soup. The base of the juices is apple juice, which I really can not stand. To my surprise, however, I have no complaints during the treatment.

What to do when cravings come?

Day 1 I survive without a greater cravings. Every two hours I drink a juice and then I am relatively full. On day two, I suddenly realize that I have a huge appetite for bread, pasta, cheese and butter in the office. I get the cravings but with a lot of hot tea under control and do not even need the allowed snacks such as avocado, apple, vegetable sticks or nuts. I'm so happy during the day for the hot soup in the evening that I can not stand it every day to sin. The soup I warm gently in a water bath, so that the vitamins are not destroyed and spoon them enjoyable. Believe me, if you do not eat all day, then a pumpkin cream or broccoli soup tastes like a hood dish. After all, this pumpkin soup is the best you ever had !!!! 2 days to go !!! #detox #detoxdelight A video posted by Ancathrin Kupscake (@kupscake) on Dec 12, 2014 at 11:19 PST

How is my body changing?

My stomach is totally flat on the second day, which is very, very motivating. I am a bit tired for the first two days, but I realize from day 3 that I am extremely physically and mentally fit. No more tiredness in the office, but in the evening I fall asleep at 10 pm (which is very unusual). I also notice that my skin is changing. On day 4 she is really bad, greasy and I also got some pimples. Detox Delight expert says it's a typical sign that my body detoxifies well – even through the skin. But not only my skin, even my emotions play a little crazy: On the last day of the cure, I am totally maudlin, I cry with every little thing and roll up a lot of things from my past again. Apparently, my body wants to get rid of other "poison", which I had previously well displaced. When researching the web I read on forums that others make this experience. "In a detoxification cleanse not only your body, but also your soul," writes a user. I notice that in the 5 days I also withdraw a bit, which gives you more time to think. Here is the expert interview with Tanja K. Eberwein (Managing Director Detox Delight Austria): Detox in winter
ќIn the 5 days I let myself be spoiled. I treat myself to a whole day at the spa including sauna and massage. Ќ

My conclusion to Detox Delight

The 5 Days with Detox Delight are really doable! I have already tried other detoxification treatments, where you could even eat and they were sometimes harder. I find it convenient that you do not have to buy or cook food in time. Now, a few days after the treatment, my skin looks great and I feel fresher overall! My stomach has become used to the food withdrawal and is full faster, now that I may eat again. This is not bad for people who want to lose weight in a few pounds. It was also a good decision that I did the cure in the winter, as I did not crave cookies and all the other Christmas delicacies, but rather grab fruits and vegetables, which my body was given high doses at Detox Delight . I weigh myself every day and lose 2.5 kilos in the 5 days. I would recommend the Detox Delight cure with the soup variant for the winter and make the pure juice variant in spring / summer. Anyone who feels they need a little refurbishment: It really does not get any easier! The 5-day cure with soup costs including courier service 295 euros in Vienna and 330 euros in the rest of Austria. All information is available here: www.detox-delight.at