The intestinal diet: How to program your intestinal flora to "slim" </title>

Since you strictly keep diet, renounces every smallest piece of chocolate and yet the excess kilos simply do not want to disappear. Other people, on the other hand, can eat as much as they want, and they can not gain weight. The riddle's solution is often in our gut.

Why am i not losing weight?

Guilt could be an excess of "stinking bacteria" in the gut, Anita Frauwallner is sure. The fatteners get out of the smallest lettuce leaf even the last calorie out, while the slimming do not even use many calories. No diet in the world helps with long-term weight loss. And then the kilos tumble, but the well-known yo-yo effect causes a setback! В© Video: G + J Digital Products

Intestinal bacteria on "slim" program

An estimated 100 trillion bacteria live on and especially in the body of the human, most of them are in the digestive tract. Depending on how the intestinal flora is designed, the food is better or worse utilized by the bacteria. Reasons for a non-functioning intestinal flora may be medication, alcohol, stress or lack of sleep and exercise. That's why you first have to program the intestinal bacteria back to "lean", in order to be able to lose weight in the long term.

How does the intestinal diet work?

The good news: The balance in the intestine can be very well influenced by a wise diet and the right "bacterial food". Darmexpertin Mag. Anita Frauwallner explains: "With the intestinal diet, you can not only reduce the weight, but at the same time reprogram his intestinal bacteria to 'lean' – so you not only permanently retain his figure, you can also the (intestinal) health do something good. " In the book" The intestinal diet "describes the Darmexpertin two ways to success. In the Amazon weeks, it is to hold out, true to the motto "Fight for Your Weight": Valuable proteins, healthy oils, fiber, vegetables, fruits and of course a lot of healthy bacteria and favorite foods are on the menu. Here, the first kilos tumble and you quickly notice the first successes. Then it goes into the intestine-friendly diet change. Anyone who fears that the first few weeks without carbohydrates can not survive, can of course also start with the long-term intestinal structure and also in the meals healthy carbohydrates from whole grains, legumes and potatoes process. Success will not be as fast here as during the Amazonian days, but it is this path that leads to the goal in the long term. Either because you are looking for a way out of the JoJo trap or because you might want to lose 20 or 30 kilos sustainably.

In addition to numerous tips from Frauwallner, there are also many tasty recipes in the book that rehabilitate the intestines. Because who believes that one must not eat, is wrong. Three well-balanced meals a day lead to the long-term goal – namely to a feel-good weight with a healthy gut. "The intestinal diet – How to program your intestinal bacteria to slim" is now available from Kneipp-Verlag for € 17.90.