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Hearty event buffets, restaurant visits, celebratory champagne receptions – as a make-up artist, social media manager and blogger on kirschbluetenblog.at I'm often lured to these places with sinfully good food and sweet cocktails. Even Naschorgien in front of the TV or midnight snacks after long days work ever happen before, I just like to enjoy just. The thing has unfortunately a catch: Last year, I took this whole eight kilos. I became aware of this when I tried to slip into my old ball gown the other day. It tenses and pinches, the scale shows at once 68 kilos. And that at 164 cm height! My personal limit was always 62 kilos. It is clear: enough! I want to go back to my old form. The problem with it: Even in teenage days I did not owe my good figure to healthy food. Quite the contrary: Burger and chocolate were often on the agenda without end, and I also tolerated alcohol on the weekend. Obviously, the lively metabolism of the youth, which forgave me a lot, was of benefit to me. Now, at the age of 30, he is a little more defiant, and that with the natural weight management does not want to work anymore. So a new plan has to come!

That's how I look right now.


My challenge is: fight the kilos! But how exactly? Together with WOMAN, I want to put my plan into action. The concept looks as follows: In three months I will be licking eight kilos, sustainably and systematically. I am actively supported: nutrition coach Monika Masik helps me to change my eating habits. For that to have a lasting effect, I want a fundamental lifestyle change. Since my different jobs are pretty stressful, it's about bringing peace to my life. And as more and more people tell me how much yoga puts them in their midst, I try that as well. The team of Doctor Yoga helps me to put this project into action. By the way, yoga is also pretty fit. Finally, the fine-tuning with targeted muscle building is available in the Femme Fitness women's studio. Now that you have become curious about how the project is developing: Here on WOMAN.at you can follow from now on, how I am doing right now, read recipes and find video post.

8 kilos should go down.

highly motivated

My project starts with a visit to nutritional coach Monika Masik. We determine the target weight of 60 kilos, then it goes to the measurement: waist and waist circumference, weight and body fat percentage. There is a lot to change in the coming weeks. Next step: my nutrition plan. The main rules: three meals a day, nothing more. In between four to five hours break, to boost the metabolism. After breakfast, there are no more carbohydrates, instead vegetables and high-quality protein. Plus: sweets and alcohol are deleted. So far this works better than expected. Saturday night and I'm in the gym рЇЂЂ If I had not thought of myself a month ago рЇЄЄрЇЄЄ #sportygirl # fitdurch2015 #yourdailytreat #igersvienna #austrianblogger #petrawirdfit #lovedailydose #nofilter A photo posted by @kirschblog on Nov 21, 2015 at 12: 27 clock


My next appointment takes me to the yoga studio. Granted, at first I'm a bit intimidated by the "diehard" yogis. I know almost none of the exercises that instructor Kerstin shows us. Besides, I did not expect yoga to be so intense. After a hard start I get into a flow and realized that my body is starting to give way. I am already curious about the next unit. After all, this is now two to three times a week on the plan.

My first yoga class

Personal trainer Ivana Ivanek


For the optimal all-round package, my body should not only be slim and fit, but also well-formed. Finally, a higher muscle content also means increased fat burning. My third stop is therefore with personal trainer Ivana Ivanek. The plan she recommends to me twice a week: Seven intense exercises with weights for all body parts and 20 minutes on crosstrainer or running band for endurance. I think I can do it. Especially since it worked really well the first time. I'm motivated like never! And even if the cookie time comes soon, I'm going through this now! For more details on the nutrition plan, the yoga sessions and muscle building, see the latest issue of WOMAN!

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