Why am I hungry after breakfast?

I am grumpy. It has to be said that way. For me it works like this: If I eat NIX in the morning, then I have little hunger throughout the day. I'm flat after only a few hours. However, if I have a proper breakfast, it is as if my stomach is about to open to a "black hole" and the rest of the day is a sluice for food. Hunger. Hunger. HUNGER! That really can not be. For actually the breakfast is not only intended as an energy supplier, but should also bring you well saturated over at least five hours. Why is not that with me? Hm. There are five reasons: you eat too few calories. Nutrition experts advise that breakfast should have about 300 to 400 calories. That looks something like this: mix 20 g of oatmeal with 150 g of yoghurt (3.5%) and 100 g of fresh fruit of your choice. Cover 1 slice of rye bread (50 g) with tomato paste or mustard. Cover with 30 g of Edam (30%). Meal. Who wants to tumble a few kilos at the moment, should rather stick to the low value. If you want to dive into the fitness center after breakfast, you should definitely take the higher value. The mix just does not fit. Another reason why breakfast is not filling: You do not take enough protein to you. Because that keeps the hunger longer away. Also important for a balanced mix are carbohydrates and fiber (here delicious hot breakfast recipes). Both provide energy and a pleasant saturation. By the way: smoothies, oatmeal with fruit and yoghurt, a scrambled egg and wholemeal toast – all this fits in with a really optimal breakfast.

You confuse the feeling of hunger. Headaches are reported, are you feeling irritable and tired? Often this is interpreted as low blood sugar. Food must come! But maybe only the hormones, lack of sleep, a change of weather or bad air are the cause. So before you get to the fridge and push the next load behind the gills: Check the origin. And above all, drink a lot of water. Because sometimes you mix thirst with hunger. You bet on the wrong one. Pancakes are divine! Or a delicious chocolate bar! Yummie! Unfortunately, this contains too much sugar. The result: Although you are quickly fed up – just as quickly the energy boost but also flies again, leaving behind tiredness and the feeling of an empty stomach. You can not get by without sweets in the morning? Yogurt, fruits and a little honey. Tastes great – and fills the belly sustainably. You do not have enough time. A coffee and a Kipferl, more is not in the morning in it. Too much stress to cook or spill. Understandable that then announces hunger. Of course you have to satisfy. Do not reach for sweet or greasy snacks now, but keep in mind that all important ingredients (fiber, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins) are covered as much as possible.