3 great exercises for fat burning

Lunge with dumbbell arm exercise

Stand straight and upright, holding the dumbbells in your hands next to your body. Take a lunge forward with your right leg and at the same time lift your arms sideways with the dumbbells until they level with your shoulders. The palms show down. As you push your foot away from the floor and return to the starting position, the hands with the dumbbells will lower slowly and full of tension. The whole thing is repeated with the left leg and 15 times per side!
After 2 weeks you increase the number.

Combination exercise for thighs and arms

Stand hip-width and upright, but bend your knees slightly. The dumbbells are in your hands in front of your thighs. Now bend your hips with sturdy knees and a straight back and guide the weights slowly and full of tension to the ground. Go down that far until you feel a pull in the back of your thighs, then push your hips forward and straighten up. Then you pull the weights up along the upper body with your arms bent. Your elbows should never be higher than your ears. Return the dumbbells to their starting position and repeat the whole thing. Overall, you should do the exercise 30 times.

Dumbbell push ups

You're in a push-up position, but the dumbbells are in your hands. Throughout the body, full tension should be during the passage. Now you take turns pulling the right and left dumbbells up, keeping your arms and elbows always close to your upper body. Once you've pulled the dumbbells left and right once, you're doing two pushups. You repeat this as often as you can, with an increase per week.