Crossfit exercises

More and more people are becoming addicted to the trend sport Crossfit from the USA. At the same time, we already know the weakened form from the school: at that time, it was still called circuit training. We show you some crossfit exercises for the home.

Function Crossfit:

There are always three to four exercises, repeated for ten to twenty minutes and as fast as possible in a circle. Example: 20 pull-ups, 30 push-ups, 40 sit-ups and 30 squats. After three minutes breather 's continues. So you lose fat very fast, strengthens the bones and builds up well-defined muscles.

Legs (The Bench):
Just stand in front of a bench. The right leg makes a lunge on the bench. The left one follows and pulls before dropping to the chest. Turn off leg and get down with your right leg again. 5x, then leg change. Arms (push-ups):
Support the bench with both hands. Bend elbows and stretch again. Important: Tense your stomach and keep your back straight. Arms are close to the body, and the head stays straight. Six repetitions. Backs (push-ups):
Again just in front of the bank. Bend your knees and bring your hands to the bench. With straight (!) Back and firm abdominal muscles lift the bank and set down again. Four repetitions. Force (The Backpack):
Fill your backpack with 5 water bottles (1 liter each) and hold it in your hands. Feet slightly wider than hip width. With swing the backpack between the legs swing back and back again. 25-75 repetitions. Shoulders (The Backpack):
Lunge with the right leg. Put the left knee on the ground and lift the backpack over your head. Stretch the knee and bring the left leg forward. Switch legs. 25-75 repetitions.