Exercise: How to extend your life 21 minutes daily

Why do we do sports? Most of us would probably answer: Because we want to lose weight. Because I want a crisper Popsch. Everything was fine. But in truth we say to you: We should keep moving so that our body will continue to form a healthy framework for us in later years. If possible without backache, without bad aches and pains.

So movement increases the life span

For a new study by Vitality Health, 6,600 people were followed for 12 months in their sports program. It was important that the participants every week increased to 150 minutes of sport (ie about 21 minutes per day). Before the start and after the end of the study, the researchers calculated the "vitality age" of each individual participant. It showed: The calculated life of the subjects had extended by three years. Those who seem to have 21 minutes of exercise per day seem impossible: those who do 60-90 minutes of sports a week still increase their life expectancy by 2.4 and 2.7 years, respectively.

Movement: What mostly fails

The study also looked at why participants most often fail to make enough exercise:

  • 1.) too little time for the workout
  • 2.) the high cost of the fitness center
  • 3.) it is not enough fun

According to the researchers, even small changes in everyday life help to get the exercise program that is needed for a healthy life: Stair instead of a lift, where work lasts for half an hour than sitting in a swivel chair, walking home on foot …

How many calories you burn in these activities in a week

  • Walk to a bus station : 175 calories burned per week
  • One hour of household chores per week: 210 calories burned
  • Wash the car once a week: 157 calories burned per week
  • Going with the dog daily 10 minutes longer: 244 calories burned per week
  • Every day take the steps in the office instead of the lift: 285 calories burned per week