Fitness blogger & hairy: This woman is fighting against prejudice </title>

Scrolling through her instagram feed on i_am_morgie, one can not immediately see why this young woman is being written. Not that her feed would be uninteresting: she is a fitness blogger, a little bit esoteric and seemingly full of joie de vivre. And she can really be proud of her athletic body! Actually, Morgan Mikenas perfectly suits the current ideals of beauty, were it not for a small detail: she does not shave. Unfortunately, many will think: that does not fit together! A pretty girl with athletic curves and body hair? Why is she doing that? Mikenas has a pretty clear answer to that: self-determination. In her Youtube video, which now has over 1.5 million views, she speaks openly about their reasons. "On the one hand, I realized how much time this process takes away from my life, and if I have to stand in the shower every day, shave, and clean up the rest of my body then that just takes too much of a lifetime." tells the blogger.

They also confirmed comments she faced after she stopped shaving her legs and armpits. "I worked in childcare and every Friday we took the kids to the pool, of course all my hair was on my legs and under my armpits and the little ones (kindergarten and elementary school kids) started insulting me. 'I see, you see yes, like a man. ', or ' Uh, you did not shave yourself! 'These were the reactions of little kids and that shocked me a lot. "Mikenas said. She finds it unfair to live by a norm that one can not choose for oneself. Every person should act as they see fit and how they feel. She also admits she felt dirty and, above all, not feminine enough in the past, when she did not shave. When she stopped for a long time, she realized how well she felt. That's exactly what she wants to convey to her viewers: Feel good in your bodies, you only have one life so enjoy it the way you think it will do you the best. Morgan Mikenas does not want to force anyone to shave, she just wants to point out that every person has the right to live and look the way he or she wants. And that's a damn good life motto.