Hot Yoga: information, experiences, risks

Surely you've heard of Bikram Yoga – also called sweat yoga. At temperatures of 35 to 42 degrees and very high humidity is yogiert and neat sweat. Opened in 2012, the Hot Yoga Vienna – a yoga studio with slightly milder temperatures (37 degrees) and different styles of yoga. "I loved Bikram Yoga, but at some point realized that it was simply too demanding for the circulation," explains owner Raphaela Pruckner. She has been doing yoga for over 12 years and has completed training in Thailand and America. In the talk with WOMAN, she explained how Hot Yoga differs from Bikram Yoga, what benefits Sweat Yoga brings and what beginners should look for.

What sets Hot Yoga apart from Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga has 42 В° C – Hot Yoga Vienna 37 В° C. Bikram Yoga lasts 90 minutes – Hot Yoga Vienna 60 minutes. Bikram Yoga is always the same series – hot yoga vienna combines several styles of yoga. Bikram Yoga is a global franchise chain and brand, with a charismatic and not undisputed founder at the helm – Hot Yoga Vienna is a small studio run by women and purposefully family-run, that exists only once.

What are the benefits of yoga in the heat?

Hot yoga is therapeutic yoga. If you do it regularly, it may even replace the physiotherapist, masseur or fitness trainer. The heat allows a more intense stretching and stimulates the detoxification process. It helps with chronic headaches and migraines, arthritis, joints, back, neck and neck pain, disc discomfort, weight loss, digestive problems and stress relief.

How would you describe the yoga style in Hot Yoga Vienna?

Our style combines warmth, variety, dynamic movement and modern music. This is what developed my studio concept – Hot Yoga Vienna stands for: variety, moderate heat (37 В° C) and 60 minutes classes.

Who should not do hot yoga?

Pregnant, if they have never or only occasionally done hot yoga.

How often should you do hot yoga?

To benefit from all health benefits, you should practice 2-3x per week. But once a week is better than never!

Is it possible to practice hot yoga alone at home?

If you have a room that you can heat so much, sure. However, it is recommended to do yoga, especially at the beginning, under the guidance of a professional. In addition, the whole thing in the group is much more fun.

How many calories do you burn in an hour?

Hot yoga is great for losing weight and burning calories. The average calorie consumption is about 400-500 kilocalories. Hot yoga stimulates blood circulation, metabolism and digestion. In addition, the heat boosts the burning of fat, melting excess pounds in the truest sense of the word. In combination with a balanced diet, you will see results quickly.

Is Hot Yoga suitable for beginners?

Definitely! Almost all classes are suitable for beginners. In addition, we also offer some beginner courses, where you learn the basics in a few units (from January: Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pilates).

Can one come to the trial training?

At Hot Yoga Vienna we have a great trial offer: 2 weeks for € 25, – you can get a taste of our varied offer for 14 days.