Meridian workout

Lungs & colon.

Immune booster. The stretching of the meridians opens the chest area and strengthens the immune system. Also ensures upright posture and better energy flow. Exercise. Put a little more than shoulder width, feet are parallel. Thumbs hooked behind the back, index fingers are stretched, remaining fingers make a loose fist, palms face away from the body. Take a deep breath, bend forward and down with the exhale. The stretched arms go as far as possible over the head and forwards, forefingers point upwards. Legs are stretched out.

Stomach & spleen.

Digestion. Helps with digestive problems, bloating, nausea. The stretching of the stomach meridian is best felt on the outside of the thighs. The exercise balances and helps relieve stress by balancing energy. Exercise. Go into the heel seat, feet apart until the butt between them touches the ground (if that does not work, stay on your heels). Lean backwards, support with your hands, then lean on your forearms, especially stretchy ones finally lay down the upper body, arms are stretched over the head. To compensate, place upper body forward in heel seat.

Heart & small intestine.

Cleaning. The small intestine stands for cleansing, the exercise provides more clarity, helps to make decisions. The stretch can be felt in the hip or groin. It also opens the heart and strengthens its energy. Exercise. Sit upright, put soles together and drop knees to one side. Using your hands, cover the front of the feet and toes, gently bend the upper body forward. With everybody
Breathing deeper into the exercise, the forearms move in front of the lower legs towards the ground. The neck is completely relaxed, the gaze goes down in front of the body, the back stays straight.

Bladder & kidney.

Nervous system. Activates the parasympathetic nervous system, our resting nerve, thereby defusing feelings of anxiety. The exercise calms the nervous system and helps with sleep problems. Extensive stretching frees the bladder meridian and strengthens the leg muscles – excellent for knee problems. Exercise. Sit on the floor with outstretched legs, toes are pulled to the body, heels touch each other. Arms are above the head, palms face up, fingers interlock. Stretch out of the hips as far forward as possible and stretch gently. Do not apply pressure, but lower with each breath.

Cardiovascular & triple heater.

Feel good. Promotes holistic well-being. Both meridians are the only one associated with any organ, but stand for body functions. The cardiovascular system runs so rounder. The triple heater coordinates the interaction of the energy cycle in the body. Exercise. Cross-legged (very experienced ones sit down in the lotus position), crossing arms and taking one knee each (left hand on right knee, right hand on left knee). Then bend upper body forward until the forehead touches the ground. Back should be round, with buttocks not lose contact with the ground. Linger for about five breaths, then repeat and cross your arms the other way round.