Which yoga style suits me?

ASHTANGA: Ashtanga yoga is a very dynamic and powerful type of yoga and is therefore often offered in gyms as power yoga. The individual asanas are linked together by flowing movements and follow a strict course. This form is therefore suitable for practitioners who want to train strength and endurance. In addition, a state of meditation is created in conjunction with controlled breathing. BIKRAM-YOGA: Sweating is the order of the day here: in this room, which is up to 40 degrees Celsius, an identical sequence of 26 yoga exercises is performed twice. The high temperature makes the muscles smoother and more flexible. In addition, the metabolism is stimulated, the body can exude all pollutants. Ideal for people who want to purify their body and are not afraid of sweating. However, due to the high temperature, Bikram Yoga is not suitable for people with cardiovascular problems. HATHA-YOGA: Hatha-Yoga is the classic par excellence. Physical exercises, combined with relaxation and meditation sessions, strengthen muscles and organs and provide a deeply relaxed mind. For those who do not want to exercise their body and focus more on coping with stress, hatha yoga is ideal. HORMON-YOGA: Hormone-Yoga is aimed specifically at women. 14 dynamic exercises help to harmonize the hormone balance. So are the movements and attitudes to help unfulfilled children's desires. Targeted breathing and relaxation techniques also help with menopausal symptoms, strengthen the immune system and relieve menstrual cramps. IVENGAR-YOGA: Here it is increasingly about the precise execution of the individual asanas. This meticulous accuracy is suitable for advanced users who want to perfect their designs. But Iyengar yoga is also useful for beginners. With the help of straps, blocks and the like, the exercises are adapted to the respective skills. If you want to improve your posture and develop a sensitivity for your own body, then you are in the right place. Yoga: Something for everyone Of course, there are many more yoga styles. From the yoga basics, more and more trend forms with different goals are constantly being created. There is something for everyone. Curious? As a freshman, you can learn all about yoga at Sofimo.de. As an advanced yogi, you should once dare to try different shapes and broaden your horizons. Because a change of perspective can bring completely new insights.