Yoga with Angelika Ahrens

Completed days and little free time are quite normal in the life of "ECO" host and "Dancing Star" Angelika Ahrens. But the 40-year-old has her life under control. So good that since last autumn she has been offering burnout prevention workshops for her ORF colleagues under the title "Fit in Job". The yoga expert showed us the best anti-stress exercises. Exercise 1: Archer. Archer: The exercise gives courage to focus on the essentials, and sharpens the concentration. With the left leg lunge forward, rear leg stretched out. Left arm straight forward, right arm bent at shoulder height pull back, hand posture, as if to draw a bow. Tense pelvic floor, upper body is upright. One to two minutes, change page.

Exercise 2: Long seat. Long seat: Has a calming effect . Sit on the floor, stretch out your legs and reach for your toes with your hands. The knees remain on the ground, breathing long and deep. Hold pose for 30 seconds. Those who do not come to their feet include the shins and feel their way a bit further each time.

Exercise 3: Cat-cow. Step 1. Cat-cat: Loosens the back and gently strengthens the abdominal muscles: Go to the quadruped stand. Back, neck and head form a straight line. First go into the hollow cross (see picture above), hold for a few seconds, then make a cat hump (see picture below).

Exercise 3: Cat-cow. Step 2. Repeat several times. In the hollow cross the gaze is directed forward, downwards at the hump.

Exercise 4: Beck circles. Pelvic circles: Good for flexibility – The spine and back muscles are loosened. Go cross-legged, put your hands on your knees and pull your upper body for 3-5 minutes, changing direction several times. Circling ensures that we can become one with the body and release problems better.