1/3 of all vegetarians eat drunk meat

It smells delicious, so forbidden and greasy: a Dцnerstandl one smells already in the distance, above all, if one is drunk. And let's be honest, then such delicacies also taste best. So, burgers, fries, chicken wings, pizza pieces and just kebab are the most popular victims of the midnight drunken mob.

37 percent of vegans admitted eating meat.

In a British survey, it is now revealed that not only meat eaters treat these drunken cravings, but also vegetarians and indeed a third of respondents. 1789 British vegetarians were asked, of whom 37 percent admitted that they eat meat when they are drunk. The market researchers even went so far in detail that they found out how much the vegetarians spend on average for meat dishes when it comes to the case that they would eat one. 4.80 British Pounds, or the equivalent of 5 euros, are those on average willing to spend their sins.

Preferably kebab, bacon & burger.

Of course, the most popular dishes (how could it be otherwise?) Are a doner kebab, followed by burgers, bacon, chicken and sausage. And while this is certainly not the end of the world, one can understand why 70 percent of those affected keep their misstep secret. After all, vegetarians themselves make a kind of vow that they now refrain from eating meat, and then a situation like this can already give the ego a kink. We advise: Do not be ashamed, confide in yourself and, above all, look for friends who will discourage you from such deeds, if you want to. Being strong together, even when drunk, is the motto! After all, the best ones are sometimes even the hair from the face, when it gets high, then there is a little admonition in the case certainly not too much to ask.