Noise in the bedroom makes infertile!

A recent study of 206,492 men, ages 20 to 59, found that nocturnal noise affects fertility.

Noise is stress

"The fact that stress has a negative effect on fertility has been known for some time. Similarly, noise causes stress reactions. Hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are increasingly produced, which in turn raises blood pressure and speeds up the heart rate, " explains Univ. Prof. Heinz Strohmer, founder and director of the Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz. "The current study now explicitly shows the effect of noise on fertility. Another pebble in the puzzle of sinking fertility in men. " For every fourth couple after 12 months of regular intercourse no pregnancy occurs. "In recent years, we have observed a decline in semen quality, and many studies come to this conclusion," says Strohmer.

Exercise instead of driving

"For many people, noise is a burden and at the same time we are co-causers," says Strohmer. "From a health perspective, I can only recommend stopping the car if possible, walking or cycling." This helps to reduce noise while encouraging moderate exercise, which in turn can be beneficial for fertility. Stress reduction, a balanced diet and a healthy BMI can also have a significant positive impact on fertility.