Should we use intimate washlotions?

Women are always taught that their vagina is impure and therefore needs to be taken care of. Advertising for intimate wash lotion confirms this assumption all the more. But is it really useful to wash the genital area with soap and specially made soap for that purpose?

Intimwaschgels: yes or no?

Clearly no! Although many products give the impression of being suitable for the intimate region, in most cases they are not. Vaginas are not dirty. They purify themselves almost automatically and should therefore only be washed with water. When cleaning with Intimwaschgels the natural pH value is disturbed and brought the vaginal flora attacked. This means that the balance of healthy and pathogenic germs in the genital area is disturbed. This makes the vagina susceptible to fungi and other infections that give off a not very nice smell. Thus, intimate washing lotions cause the exact opposite of what they actually stand for.

Again: How to clean the vagina?

With water! The vaginal flora regulates itself and does not need any Intimwaschgels!