Vegetarian: never meat again!

Vegetarians are the better people. No, that's not true, of course. But given the flaring debate over the exploitation of animals, periodic scandals in meat production, and sometimes catastrophic conditions in farms and slaughterhouses, one should think about where our food actually comes from and under what conditions. That's why stars like Brad Pitt, Martina Navratilova or Lea Michele do not eat meat. How healthy is meatless nutrition? Authors such as Jonathan Safran Foer ( Eating Animals, Kiepenheuer and Witsch ) or Karen Duve ( Eating Well, Galiani ) have used their books to ensure that the ethical side of the topic is discussed in the media. Even the book by Andreas Grabolle ( No meat makes happy ) deals with it. But is a diet without meat and fish (vegetarians) or even completely without animal products (vegans) even healthy? "Yes, if you take care to get all the necessary nutrients," explains nutritionist Cathrin Drescher ( .There are tips on how a conscious diet without meat can look Vegetarian versus vegan vegetarians eat no meat and no fish Vegans do not even eat any animal products, meaning they do not eat dairy products, eggs or even honey (made from nectar and bees' secrets.) The choice of lifestyle is one very conscious, which is the cause of conscience, Bryan Adams has been vegan for 24 years and is committed to the rights of animals, but the health aspect is an argument for many, Olivia Wilde feels very much at home with herbal diet Fitter, and Alicia Silverstone describes in her cookbook that childhood problems like asthma, acne or sleep losigkeit are gone. A balanced diet for vegetarians "Vegetarians have to make sure that their diet contains all the vital elements, otherwise it can quickly lead to deficiency symptoms," says Drescher Their advice: eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, dairy products and cheese provide sufficient calcium , Tofu, nuts, sunflower seeds and eggs. "A bean and corn salad is a good combination, I also highly recommend potatoes and eggs. And make sure not to replace the meat with sugar and fat, then the shot would backfire! "Vegans have to pay even more attention to eat balanced, since they do without any animal protein. "It can easily lead to a vitamin B12 deficiency," explains Drescher. "Let's check that by a doctor. If necessary, then you should take supplements. " Pay attention to needs " Do not make any religion from your diet, but listen to your inner voice, "says Drescher.If the need for meat or fish is very large, your body probably needs these ingredients Hayden Panettiere, who became a vegetarian in little steps and sometimes even eats some meat or fish, even a confident vegan like Olivia Wilde makes compromises: when she divorced in 2011, her cheese was going through a hard time helped.