Tabata: The 4-minute training

TREND: Tabata
The training concept of Tabata comes originally from Japan and is one of those training exercises that are performed in the interval and where you go completely to its physical limits.
The trick is that during Tabata training sports phases alternate with breaks – usually in the ratio of 2: 1.
This means that you totally expose yourself for 20 seconds, then pause for 10 seconds and continue again. Anyone who thinks now that this is easy, he was happy too soon! Because a unit of Tabata training takes exactly 4 minutes and so that the training brings something and in the long run also upkeep, you really have to get everything out of yourself, what is possible. This is how Tabata works
In principle, you can do Tabata training with a variety of fitness exercises. Well suited are above all those exercises, which claim not only one muscle group, but as many as possible. Because then it does not matter if you stop after 4 minutes.
Since Tabata training is quite exhausting, do not overdo it – sounds unbelievable, but it really is! – and start with simple exercises.
Attention: This sport is unsuitable for patients suffering from heart disease or pregnancy! Tabata exercises Jumping Jack
Stand up straight with your legs straight and jump with both legs to the side and back together. The arms move according to the legs. Jumping for 20 seconds, jumping for 10 seconds and it's on! 8 reps in total. Sprints: Sprint for 20 seconds, then pause for 10 seconds and continue with the sprints. Overall, you repeat the whole 8 times. Squats: The legs are hip-width open, the belly tight, the arms are at the back of the head as a support. Now you go to your knees, the upper body is bent slightly forward, the butt pushed backwards, as you would sit on a chair. Jump up and get back on your knees. 20 seconds squats, then 10 seconds rest and continue in the program. Repeat 8 times! Sit-Ups: You lie flat on your back, lifting your legs parallel to the floor, forming a right angle to the thighs. Then the stomach is tense, the fingertips support the back of the head slightly and you come in with the power of the abdominal muscles upwards. The upper body is lowered again and repeated for 20 seconds, then pause for 10 seconds and repeat a total of 8 times.