Night Shift: iPhone feature for better sleep!

We sleep badly and little – and it's the cell phone's fault. So the common opinion. The radiation, the distraction just before falling asleep … Schmecks, has now revealed a new study published in the journal Current Biology. Thus, people in civilizations untouched by industry and the modern world sleep far less than we do. Sleeping time is about 6.5 hours on average in tribes in Tanzania or Bolivia – on the other hand, we get to 7.5, which means a full hour more sleep. Anyway, if you're still worried about whether your iPhone disturbs your sleep, then you should definitely install the new IOS 9.3 beta update. Because the Apple-guys from Cupertino deliver with this new version, finally, a function that lets you sleep away quietly and peacefully. Peaceful sleep thanks to Nightshift mode The so-called "Nightshift" mode automatically adjusts the screen to the lighting conditions. The location feature tells the iPhone what time zone you are in. Based on the local time of day, the color and brightness of the display are adjusted to be the most gentle to your eyes. At sunset, for example, the blue tones that subconsciously signal "wakefulness" and therefore keep you awake are filtered out and replaced by a warm, red-yellow color spectrum. So, if you check your Instagram account or Facebook updates quickly before you go to sleep, you'll be instantly warmed to a sleepy mood. By the way, in the morning, the display will return to the default settings. We find that? A little dream!