Sheath fungus: development & treatment

It itches in the step, the discharge is white-friable, the vagina reddened – clear diagnosis: vaginal fungus. Almost every woman knows these symptoms, many regularly suffer from it. Although a fungus is not permanently harmful, but it is unpleasant and you feel dirty. The good news: you can get rid of him. How it works, we asked gynecologist Eva Lehner-Rothe.


Bad climate. Blame on the fungus is the wrong pH in the vagina. He is slightly angry. If it tilts into the basic, fungal spores, which are a natural part of the vaginal flora, can become prevalent. Dr. Lehner-Rothe emphasizes, "Such an infection is unpleasant, but not dangerous in itself, but you have to make sure it's a fungus and not a bacterial vaginosis, so in case of doubt you should always get that clarified by the doctor." The difference: a fungus is white-friable and smells rather neutral. In a bacterial infection, the discharge becomes yellowish-greenish and smells unpleasant fishy. Attention: A vaginosis can lead to infertility, so treat it! The cause of the tilting of the vaginal climate is in the intestine, because in the vagina lives the same microbiome as in the digestive tract. If the bacterial flora is confused by improper diet or stress, the fungal infection is inevitable. However, this relatively new finding has not yet quite prevailed, so you bring the mushroom so often not in connection. Another cause is hormonal fluctuations in the days before the rule.


Renovation. You can treat it locally or systemically. Locally, vaginal rinses that wash out the fungus, suppositories with lactic acid bacteria, creams and so-called antimycotics, which kill the fungal spores but allow the good bacteria to survive. All these medicines must be prescribed by the doctor. Also important is a treatment of the partner, otherwise it can come to the ping-pong effect. Attention: "Antibiotics are counterproductive!" Stresses Lehner-Rothe. "They only kill the bacteria, but they do not work against the fungus, which usually makes everything worse." If you want to get rid of the problem sustainably, the path leads through the diet. "It has been found that a gut rehabilitation also has a direct effect on the fungus," says the expert. "Reduce sugar and refrain from processed products." Issue fiber. " A bowel treatment, z. B. with Florea capsules (in the pharmacy), restores the right microclimate.


Protect. If you are vulnerable, you can positively influence the vaginal environment in a preventative way. Special washing lotions with lactic acid help to keep the pH stable. If the vagina is too dry, there are creams. An important starting point, which is still very little known, are tampons and pads. Because these are made absorbent with chemicals. However, the substances weaken the microclimate and pass into the organism. So, if you're sensitive, be sure to use organic cotton products. A great alternative is the menstrual cup. It is made of medical grade silicone, does not give off any pollutants on the mucous membranes, does not dry out and saves a lot of money because it can be used for several years.