9 reasons why you should ride a bike

Cycling does not necessarily have to be practiced as a sport in order to have an impact on the body. Anyone who swings to the saddle again and again – even if only to go shopping – can achieve clear results. Because regular cycling makes us leaner and therefore fitter. Cycling is good for your health is a well-known and proven fact. It has a very positive and effective effect on our body, "almost all muscle groups, even small ones on the spine, are strengthened and strengthened during cycling, which is why cycling is healthier than jogging," says BlajiД‡. Even back problems can be alleviated. Incidentally, susceptibility to disease also decreases. Daily exercise not only improves physical performance, but also mental health. The brain is better supplied with blood, the oxygen influx increases – this also improves our thinking ability. According to studies, long-term sports can even make you smarter. If you ride a bicycle for 20 to 30 minutes a day, you will fall asleep more easily. Because physical effort calms our body, helps us to reduce the stress and makes us tired. Thus, we fall asleep faster, the sleeping time increases and we are fit for the next morning. It's hard to believe, but with the low horsepower bike you're faster in the cities. Especially during peak hours, you can reach your destination faster than by car or even by public transport. With sufficient training, you can even reach a speed of up to 20km / h. "Even in rural areas the bike is great for getting from A to B. Ever since I cycle to work every day, I feel more energetic and come home more relaxed in the evening," reveals Branimir BlajiД‡. Driving a car is an expensive business, especially nowadays. Because even the cheapest option costs at least 150 euros per month (with fuel, tax and insurance). If the workplace is not too far away, the bike is the optimal solution. With the right equipment it is even suitable as a means of transport, eg for shopping. You do not need a car anymore and you also save money. Cycling is a legal drug that makes us high and therefore happy. In case of extreme physical activity, happiness hormones are released during cycling. So you leave your worries behind and come to other thoughts. Depressed states are thus counteracted. So you can legally get a kick. Who is on the road, not only treat the body something good, but also the environment, because – in comparison to the car – no pollutants are emitted. "This is a very important factor for me, I represent the philosophy of our spa and there the connection to nature is essential," says BlajiД‡. In addition, the production of bicycles is less harmful to the environment. Looking at all these factors, it becomes clear that cycling can also extend our lives. The body becomes stronger, healthier and mental performance increases. Those who cycle regularly improve their physical and mental fitness and thus extend their lifetime. Branimir BlajiД‡ is not only a passionate cyclist, but also general manager of the LifeClass Therme Sveti Martin and the first Adria Bike Resort in Croatia.