Expert Talk: 7 weeks intestinal rehabilitation

About 70% of our entire immune system is in the gut. We eat too unhealthily, too fast, too irregularly. The consequences are obesity, digestive problems, bad skin, tiredness, headaches and even wrong posture! How much our general health depends on the gut Elisabeth Winkler ( in an interview. The Specialist in Therapeutic Fasting Treated WOMAN editor Nadja for 7 weeks as part of a bowel rehabilitation in her practice in Vienna. In the coming 7 weeks, she also provides expert input on on the subjects of nutrition, intolerances or lifestyle habits. The goal: a healthy stomach!

Dr. Elisabeth Winkler accompanies WOMAN for 7 weeks. WOMAN: How is the gut "the center of health"?
Dr. Winkler: About 70% of our entire immune system is in the gut. Not only healthy foods are important for a healthy diet, we also need a healthy digestive system for a healthy diet. After all, healthy foods are only worth as much as a "healthy intestine" is ultimately able to make it! So if we have fermentation and putrefaction in the intestine, fumigalcohols and putrefactive poisons are produced with every meal. WOMAN: What happens during a colon clean-up?
Dr. Winkler: The environment in the intestine changes, by the above-mentioned poison production of fusel alcohols and putrefactive toxins is reduced by light food. This creates new living conditions for bacteria and brings about a general improvement in overall health. WOMAN: How is the body changing as a result of the renovation?
Dr. Winkler: Due to the regression of fermentation, rot and the lower post-production of poisons, "contaminated sites" can be removed. This benefits the entire organism:

– Space in the abdominal cavity is reduced, that is, the stomach is smaller and flatter
– Posture improves (upright posture, hollow back disappears)
– Skin becomes firmer and rosier
– Agility improves, as the stomach is no longer in the way
– Sleep gets better
– Mood improves
– Spirit becomes clearer (no more hangover mood)
– Headaches disappear
– Bad breath disappears
– Breathing generally improves
– stomach problems subsided
– Heartburn disappears
– Abdominal pain and cramping get better
– Chair improves
– Sweat production decreases
– Joint pain and back pain subsided
– Blood pressure drops
– fatigue disappears WOMAN: Who do you recommend for a colon cleansing?
Dr. Winkler: The best way to start with the cure before any complaints occur!
Of course, it is important to record the actual condition (complaints, body condition, findings). Deviations from the normal state of health are already recognizable to the connoisseur with the naked eye. Goals are defined together with my patients. Many want to lose weight to improve their health and well-being, others can detoxify the body and improve their eating habits through a 7-week course of treatment. It is important again to make a connection to healthy food and to feel well all around!

The plan for the course of the intestinal rehabilitation including nutritional plan and daily rituals can be found under the link: Timetable 7 weeks intestinal rehabilitation