Questions about fasting

No chocolate, no alcohol, no meat – in Lent, many people go back in a gear while enjoying it. The temporary abandonment often does well. Some even go a step further and give up on solid food for a few days. This not only relieves the body, it should also counteract lifestyle diseases such as arthritis, diabetes or hypertension. And it helps to reduce stress and mentally eliminate it. We asked Fasting Trainer Barbara Ebner ( the five most important questions about the topic and show hotels where you can let go in a harmonious atmosphere.

1. What happens during fasting?

Cleaning. The most common fasting method is the Buchinger / LГјtzner. It is five days (or longer) waived completely on solid food. 200 to 500 calories are taken daily in the form of fruit juices and broth, and the body is additionally cleansed with Epsom salt and enemas. "Through the purely liquid food, the body turns to nutrition from the inside and gets the necessary energy from the stored reserves.The intestine does not have to work, so our metabolism can break down old residues.And besides, you also lose excess kilos", knows fasting trainer Barbara Ebner.

2. Is not there always hungry?

Conversion. Not in itself. It can come to a fasting crisis, usually on the second day. Headache or slackness are signs of this. After that, hunger is gone. "And that does not happen to everyone," says Ebner. "Complete food withdrawal is often even easier than mere reduction, such as base fasting, and there are a few starvation tricks: drink a glass of water, take an extra dose of Epsom salt, or go for a walk."

3. What is the difference between Fasting & Detox?

Different methods. Detox is an umbrella term that includes all kinds of detoxification such as Souping, Juicing, Base Fasting, FX Mayr, Buchinger, Schroth Cure, Whey Fasting and more. Common to all methods is that they relieve the body. "When fasting to Dr. Buchinger / LГјtzner detoxification is the fastest, because you just eat nothing solid," emphasizes Ebner. In principle, you can do all these methods by the way in everyday life. "However, it is difficult for many because I offer my fasting weeks in spa hotels with a nice atmosphere, there is a separate area for the group, you do not have to watch the others while eating, there are infos, meditations, walks together and more so you can switch off properly. "

4. For which type does fasting fit?

Time for yourself. In itself, this kind of relief is suitable for everyone. Chronically ill or seriously overweight, however, have to get a medical clearance, and pregnancy is a contraindication. "In my courses, the participants are very mixed, from students to managers, from 20 to 80 years," emphasizes Ebner. Above all, mental health time is important to her clients. This is the best time to relieve stress and re-establish contact with your inner voice, you never have time for these things in everyday life, but it's extremely important in between, sometimes emotional Dispose of garbage. "

5. What about exercise?

Energy. Activity is essential for fasting. So we signal to the body, that he should do to the otherwise rather difficult to tapping fat reserves and does not get the necessary energy in the form of protein from the muscles. "It should be two to three hours a day," says Ebner. "It can be a relaxed walk, a hike or even a sport, depending on how fit you feel, and then it goes into the sauna, which boosts the detoxification!"


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