The 16: 8 Diet: A Diet for Lazy

Everybody has tried a diet before – yes, diet changes are also included here. On average we go through a diet for seven weeks. Our lack of willpower is a bit scary and almost depressing, but it's also great to know that we're not alone, because apparently every human being is like that, otherwise there would not be an average number! Always see the positive! We are not alone. Thus, it is clear: The fewer rules, the more we succeed in a diet or diet change longer to hold out and that's why the 16: 8 diet is the right thing for all undisciplined! The 16: 8 diet or even the eight-hour dieting was a 2012 New York Times bestselling book. The diet itself is nothing new, but a recent study has revealed that this diet has some health-promoting benefits produces. So it helps to reduce the fat content in the body and at the same time to increase muscle mass. But only if it is done for eight weeks.

How does the 16: 8 diet work?

The name of the 16: 8 diet or eight-hour diet is self-explanatory. Within a 24-hour day, it is allowed to eat for eight hours and the remaining 16 hours are fasted. Timing is the only rule that should be followed rigorously. Many people refrain from breakfast and prefer to eat between 13 and 21 o'clock. But if you can not live without breakfast, you should clean it in the morning and then eat nothing after 17 or 18. During these eight hours you can eat and drink whatever you want (really everything), but then nothing more black coffee, water and tea. Julie Shatzel, a California doctor, put her patients on this diet and achieved great results. Patients continued to eat and lose weight as usual without having to make any great changes. The only rule: Eat only eight hours a day. According to Schatzel, our metabolism is positively changed. Our genes are preprogrammed to do certain things during the day and in the evening. By limiting our eating time, our metabolism can also work better.

The yo-yo effect is devastating

If you do not want to experience a yo-yo effect after the eight-week diet, you should not expand your meal window too often. At the beginning, you prefer to spend two days a week, where you sometimes eat after eight hours, and only gradually increase the time window.