Boxing: That's the workout of the supermodels

We have been looking for a workout that strengthens our (not yet existing!) Six-Pack, turns our butt into a crisp little apple, defines our leg muscles and turns the arms into tight biceps. What else would we like? Our condition and strength should be improved – oh yes: a little bit of action and variety would not be too bad either. We may announce: This fitness program exists. And because it's so damn good, ALL supermodels swear by it. First and foremost, the noblest gazelles among the catwalk beauties, the "Victoria's Secret" Angel.

Boxing: The Most Perfect Full Body Workout

Brazilian Adriana Lima brought boxing into the VS model's workout routine: "Boxing is incredibly stressful, you power up, and it defines your body, but it can do even more: it's a very focused workout, you focus It's never boring at the same time, but at the same time, boxing gives you strength and confidence – which has a positive effect on your charisma. "

Why is boxing so healthy?

With hardly any other sport, you train the whole body so intensively in such a short time – in terms of stamina, coordination, speed and strength at the same time. By the many-sided effort, you can also beat many calories – around 400 per half hour. Not only your arm muscles need to be well trained for the "punch", but also the shoulder, chest, abdominal and back muscles have to be in shape for powerful strokes. For a successful hit you need not only muscle power, but also coordination: Legs, trunk and arms have to play together. That's not so easy, but with regular training to learn. If you want to avoid the blows, your legs have to work fast. You are constantly on the move – which again strengthens your stamina. Even if a lap lasts only three minutes, it is extremely exhausting. And after several rounds you should still be able to react quickly … Pfuhhhhh!

These models rely on the boxing workout:

You should know these boxing terms!

  • Uppercut: You take your flip fist down to chest level, then immediately let it fly back towards the opponent's chin.
  • Side hook: You have both fists in front of the face. Your punching hand shoots sideways forward, aiming at the opponent's temple.
  • Sandbag: Filled with sand or textile waste, the leather bag hangs from the ceiling.
  • Sparring: Training match with modified rules to prevent injuries.
  • Bandages: Worn under the gloves and protect the hand, which consists of many individual bones and joints – and thus is particularly vulnerable to injury.