Water – detoxifying agent no. 1

Within the framework of a 7-week intestinal rehabilitation, WOMAN editor Nadja ("Far too little drinker") has to learn that only enough liquid can lead to a successful detoxification process. Our expert Dr. Winkler explains what, when and how much we should drink every day.

What is water doing in our body?

The connective tissue substance or matrix is ​​a stepchild in our medical view. The blood vessel system is a closed one, and we have to imagine that there is no direct contact between the organ cells and the blood vessels and the nerve endings. There is a fluid-filled space responsible for the supply of the cells and the disposal of metabolic end products. The quality of this connective tissue fluid is of paramount importance for the necessary biochemical and immunological processes. "In addition to drinking too little, our connective tissue eventually degenerates into a landfill." Our blood MUST also always be basic! If the blood does not have the optimal ph value we die. Therefore, excess acids, which can not be excreted fast enough, must be removed from the blood vessels. They then land in this important connective tissue fluid. "Sour" food (meat, milk, baked goods and pasta), stress and additional fermentation in the intestines acidify our body. In addition to drinking too little, our connective tissue eventually "degenerates" into a landfill. If the acids accumulate in the connective tissue, its function (supply to the cells, disposal of metabolic end products and numerous immunological tasks) is impaired. Here we finally see the causes of many complaints – eg pain in the musculoskeletal system.

You can learn to thirst!

Expressed in pictures, when we drink nothing, our bodies believe that we live in the desert – and do not torment us with thirst. He deals very concentrated with the little fluid, trying to do the necessary things with it. If we suddenly drink a lot, he believes in a flood and sends us constantly to the toilet. Over time, he then understands that we live in Central Europe, and that the best water comes from the line and he just has to demand it. "No one would think of cleaning the windows with coffee or washing their hands with coke."

What should we drink?

It is best to drink natural water and herbal teas. We have to send an empty garbage truck into our body, so that he can also take out a lot of garbage. Another example: Nobody would come up with the idea of ​​cleaning the windows with coffee or washing their hands with coke.
Of course, in everyday life (outside of a detoxification cure) you can also drink something else: fruit juices, coffee, or a glass of wine now and then, but you can not count on this liquid for daily drinking.
Attention: Do not drink fruit teas! All teas that are red in the infusion are sour!

When should we drink?

Especially in the morning and in the morning and before the meal – and not to eat!

The right drinking temperature

The stomach outlet has a sphincter. This sphincter only opens when the stomach contents have reached body temperature. So if we drink something cold, it stays in the stomach until we have heated it to about 37 В° with our own strength.
Tip: The idea of ​​whether you want to empty the drink with a good feeling about the head, often helps in choosing the right temperature.

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