Sunburn? So he heals faster!

There is only one good thing about a sunburn: It is preventable (here are all tips on how to better protect your skin from the sun). But we are human and they make mistakes. Which is why, despite the best UV filters and noon shadows, we always get sunburned. The hell! Red, burnt skin, every touch hurts, night becomes torment. Fortunately, there are a few simple home remedies that help relieve the pain of sunburn and speed healing: aspirin. Honestly true! Two apsirin or ibuprofen relieve the sunburn and reduce the inflammation faster. The contained acetylsalicylic acid affects the tissue positively. Taking the tablet is not only about relieving the pain, but also about stopping the inflammation. Green tea envelope. The pain of sunburn kill you? Then try green tea envelopes. Use two standard 1.5 gram teabags with 50 ml of water (about 70 °). After five minutes, the extract is strained through a fine filter and then applied to a compress. Allow to cool and lay on the burnt skin. Perform 3 times a day for 10 minutes! Milk bath. Also a real treat with sunburnt skin: a lukewarm milk bath. The milk proteins soothe and the lactic acid helps to prevent peeling of the skin and to stimulate regeneration. Just heat one to two liters of milk and pour into the bath water. Aloe vera. Pay attention to ingredients such as aloe vera in after-sun products – or get yourself an aloe vera gel from the pharmacy. In case of sunburn you must definitely avoid care that contains salicylic acid or retinol. The already stressed skin is thereby irritated only more. Here we tell you how to cover sunburn in the face.