The 5 dumbest diets in the world

So, in principle: ANY crash diet or one-sided diet is stupidly stupid. If you really want to lose weight, you have to change your diet, eat healthier and easier, consume less sugar and fat and above all: do sports. So. We would have found that again. But there are also other diets besides pineapple diet and similar stuff that are so hahneb№chen and idiotic, that we ask ourselves, who makes the serious. Apparently, there are some people who believe in the success of these weight loss treatments. Because they are all discussed seriously in forums. Children, we assume that you NEVER get the idea to try one of the 5 most stupid and dangerous diets in the world. The Red Bull diet. The idea: the energy drink makes you fit and energetic, you move more, you are less hungry, you lose weight. Aha. While each of us is just shaking our heads, a 23-year-old New Zealander has been on the diet for six months. The 23-year-old drank ten to fourteen cans of Red Bull daily, with occasional dry cereals. The result: 45 kilos less on the ribs and a heart attack. The asthma spray diet. Asthma sprays are designed to boost fat burning by raising body temperature. Ergo you inhale asthma spray even without being an asthmatic – and zack, tumble the kilos. Sounds sensible? For God's sake. This is a really dangerous diet variant. Because on the one hand, you would have to snuff an incredibly high dose for a real weight loss, on the other hand, the side effects are enormous. Muscle cramps, headaches, restlessness and even heart damage threaten. The laxative diet. Just take a little Glauber's salt and immediately feel slimmer, because the empty stomach becomes flatter. Young girls, in particular, believe that their delivery and pills prevent their bodies from absorbing the calories. Everything is eliminated in advance. But: the yo-yo effect is enormous, the body does not absorb enough nutrients when used continuously. This often leads to disturbances of the water and electrolyte balance, in particular to potassium losses. HANDS OFF! The Knackwurst Vodka Diet. Okay, you'll admit: that sounds so absurd, that can not be anything. But please, we'll tell you anyway, how it should run: in the morning, at noon and in the evening you drink a stamperl vodka. This suppresses the feeling of hunger, you take less calories to you. What role does the crackpot sausage play? No idea. At any rate, it is the food that you can treat yourself to at this "balanced" diet at noon. The only one, mind you. The Bet diet. We think that's great because it's so completely gaga. The "bet" diet is not about nutrition but about our faith. Devised by devout Americans, daily prayers should cause the belly fat to melt. Suits us. We do not even need to go to the church, so we hope for a weight loss miracle.