Full Body Workout – Swimming

Swimming is healthy

The buoyancy of the water relieves the spine and joints while swimming. Therefore, swimming is one of the healthiest sports. Even for people with muscle injuries who have been given sports ban by their doctor at the moment, swimming is usually still allowed. At the same time it releases tension in the neck, shoulder and back muscles and reduces the symptoms of back problems. If you sit a lot at the desk, you can compensate for any postural damage by swimming.

Swimming makes you slim

Who swims three times a week for 30 minutes, will notice the success in losing weight immediately, because the energy and fat consumption during swimming is quite high! An hour breaststroke burns 531 kilocalories (kcal), an hour of crawling even 900 and who back-floated additionally claimed the abdominal muscles! "With breaststroke, you should dive your head under the water and exhale with every move to protect the neck and back!"

swim in the sea

Another increase in terms of healthy swimming is swimming in the sea. Mostly, seawater is fresher than sea water or open water, which is why it strengthens the immune system. However, it is important that you go to the sea only warmed up. It's best to do a round or do a few dry exercises. In addition, the salt water is a satisfaction for our skin. Dead skin scales are released and the skin feels soft and supple. Outside, there are sometimes still no bathing temperatures, but for the very brave the outdoor pools are at least ever in operation. Currently you have at least enough space in the pool!