Free allergy risk check

One in two Europeans will suffer from allergic airway disease in a few years. So the forecast. But allergies and asthma are already the most common chronic diseases in Austria. In this country, around one quarter of the population suffers from allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and around 700,000 people from allergic asthma. Nevertheless, an allergy is often ignored and adequately treated. Even more: in an estimated 45 percent of patients, no diagnosis is made at all. Allergic diseases have different manifestations: from temporary allergic rhinitis with nose itching to severe allergic bronchial asthma and anaphylactic reaction, the appearance is broad.

Allergens are now in high season In addition to the natural allergens (especially pollen) also allergens, which are favored by environmental influences and civilization (such as dust mites, cockroaches, indoor molds), but also mainly civilization-related allergens (wild silk, Ficus benjamina, exotic fruits, antibiotics …). The recognition of an allergy is the first step in a meaningful prophylaxis, followed by the therapy and the avoidance of damage. Allergic rhinitis in the further course also shows symptoms in the lower respiratory tract in nearly 50 percent of those affected, including severe bronchial asthma. Allergy screening campaign until 30 June In order to draw attention to the risk of an allergy, the pharmacies in Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland and Salzburg, together with the Austrian Lung Union, carry out an early detection campaign until June 30, 2014. Patients with allergic symptoms are approached by the pharmacists on the risk and pointed to a possible risk of allergy. Together with the patient, the pharmacists then fill out an internationally recognized screening questionnaire and calculate the individual allergy risk value. Afterwards the patient knows whether the complaints could be an allergy. If the questionnaire indicates an increased risk of an allergy, the patient is advised to seek medical advice.