Pregnant? Why you crave chocolate?

The rumor that pregnant women are developing the most bizarre cravings is still persistent. Now, there is no one in our circle of friends who would have actually squashed gherkins with whipped cream or salted herring with gummy bears during pregnancy. But in one case, almost all are a few: Woman with baby belly develops an incredible craving for chocolate. Why this is so, even among medical professionals is considered a small phenomenon. Contrary to expectations, the hormones have nothing to do with the increased Schoki appetite, according to a new study published in the magazine Frontiers in Psychology . Because hormone fluctuations in studies have no effect on the frequency and intensity of cravings. Cravings in pregnancy: no question of hormones Another myth turns out to be wrong when viewed medically. For example, pregnant women do not try to use the chocolate to add extra energy in the form of caffeine. For a 60-gram portion of milk chocolate contains barely noticeable 12-milligram caffeine – a cup of coffee, however, up to 200 milligrams. The chocolate is therefore not an adequate substitute.

And after the Nutella still a few chocolates … Another assumption: In the chocolate, nutrients are included, which women increasingly need during pregnancy. But if that were true, the researchers said, then women would have to develop huge cravings for beans and dark leafy vegetables. Because these foods contain the highest proportion of the particularly important minerals iron, magnesium or folic acid in this period. Even a subconscious increase in the calorie dose ("I am eating now for two!") Is banished by the researchers into the realm of myths. Cravings break over us during the first trimester – a time when the fetus does not need additional nutrients or energy to grow. Study Director Natalia C. Orloff: "In all of our studies, we have not found a medical or biological link between pregnancy and an increased appetite for chocolate, so there must be more psychosocial reasons why pregnant women are more likely to use nut cream or chocolates." The researcher continues: "Of course, there is also a certain danger: If women, who otherwise hold back in terms of nutrition, in pregnancy have the feeling that they can finally do well even with the unhealthy, then the danger increases too much weight gain in This time, which is not good for the baby. "