Diet: easy and difficult to digest food

Milk & dairy products.

Here you may access: low-fat milk (1.5%), low-fat soured milk products (yoghurt, sour milk, sour milk), mild cheeses with a fat content up to 45% (fresh, soft, smelted, sliced ​​cheese) Caution with: whole milk and full-fat, also acidified milk products, whipped cream, cream, sour cream over 20% fat, cheeses with a fat content of over 45%, blue cheese


Here you can access: lean beef, veal, poultry meat (fillet, Schnitzel), mutton, lean goat meat, game and wild fowl, Grillhenderl, pigeon; Be prepared as low in fat as possible Caution: fat, smoked, salted, seared meat, pieces of meat spiked with bacon, duck, goose, poultry skin

Meat products.

Here you may access: mild, meager sausages such as beer ham, cooked ham, German corned beef, poultry sausage, cold roast Caution: fatty and smoked sausage products

Soups and sauces.

Here you may access: low-fat bouillon, soups and sauces. Caution: high-fat soups and sauces

Fish and fish products.

Here you may access: lean fresh and saltwater fish, shellfish and crustaceans Beware of: fatty fish species such as eel, herring, salmon; smoked fish, pickled and / or preserved fish or fish products


Here you may access: soft-boiled eggs, low-fat egg dishes Caution: hard-boiled eggs, high-fat egg dishes, mayonnaise

Fats and oils.

Here you may access: small amounts of natural vegetable oils, butter, unhardened pure plant margarine. Caution: larger amounts of oils, butter, regular margarine, lard, tallow


Here you may access: stale bread, fine wholegrain breads Caution: fresh bread, fresh baked goods, coarse wholegrain breads

Bakery products.

Here you can access: baked goods from simple puff pastry and yeast dough, cake from Quark oil part, fruit cake without whipped cream, meringue, simple biscuits Caution with: fresh yeast pastry, fat baked goods such as cream and cream cakes, puff pastry, Fettgebackenes

Cereal products.

Here you may access: Rice, pasta, semolina, flours, cornstarch, cereal Caution: no restrictions


Here you may access: fat and / or low-fat prepared, Pell-, Salzerdäpfel, Erdäpfelpüree, dumplings Beware of: all fried and in Fett baked Erdäpfelgerichte such as French fries, fried potatoes, croquettes, potato salad with bacon, mayonnaise or plenty of oil


Here you may access: easily digestible vegetables such as carrots, Fenchen, young Kohlrabi, Karfiol, fine green peas and beans, paradeiser, zucchini, salad Caution with: difficult to digest and bloating vegetables such as cabbage, leeks, onions, peppers, olives, cucumbers, Radish, legumes


Here you may access: ripe, easily tolerated varieties such as bananas, apples, pears. Beware of: unripe fruit, raw stone fruit, nuts, almonds, pistachios


Here you may access: jam, jam, honey Caution: chocolate, chocolates, nougat, marzipan


Here you may access: fresh and dried herbs, mild vinegar, lemon juice. Caution: larger amounts of pepper, salt, curry, paprika, mustard, horseradish, onion or garlic powder


Here you may access: all teas, mild coffee, non-carbonated mineral water, vegetable juices, diluted fruit juices Caution with: alcohol, carbonated drinks

Preparation work.

Here you can access: cooking, steaming, steaming, cooking in foil, in the clay pot, in the coated pan / pot, in the oven, in the microwave, grilling without fat. Caution with: strong sautГ©ing, roasting, frying, with bacon and onions Source: