Why you are always hungry

We know winter bacon. But what about the spring bacon, the summer bacon, the autumn bacon? Am I the only person in the world who has been affected by an incurable disease called chronic erectile dysentery? I could eat, eat and eat again. So of course there are these days when I'm incredibly disciplined, meringue a skinny yogurt, a salad and a little fruit. But these are only brief moments in which I calm my guilty conscience. For the rest of the time I'm more like a madman: two cheese toasts and ham and eggs in the morning, an extra thick yogurt, a portion of ham, a sandwich with ham, mayo and tomatoes in the afternoon and in the evening the fridge is emptied, as if there were no Tomorrow (unfortunately there are, um). Do you feel the same? These hunger attacks depend on a billion different factors. Of course you can not change all of them. But there are a few very common causes of fluctuations in your eating habits that you should know about. Just to get them under control in the future … your mood. Eating is always an expression of your feelings. If you are stressed, bored, sad, angry or lonely, then compensate for these shortcomings with food. The physiological reason: the sugar supplied by food makes for a short exhilaration … unfortunately just very briefly. Sports. The more we burn, the more we are allowed to eat. This is the only really valid rule in terms of effective weight loss. And although we know this lesson, exercising does not just stimulate our hunger, but serves as a practical excuse for why we stand in front of the refrigerator in front of the refrigerator a pack of Pringles, three packets of mozzarella, the chocolate bar and the Put the ice cream behind the gills. Bad weather. The weather not only affects our mood (and thus our eating habits, see point 1), it is also a wonderful way to hide our belongings under a thick sweater, a long coat, a loose dress. Note: hungry creatures like us benefit EVERY opportunity to excuse or repress their utterly baseless eating habits. Your period. The hormonal changes that your body undergoes during the rule lead to genuine food cravings. This has (unfortunately!) A reasonably reasonable reason. Many women are aware of the painful abdominal cramps during the days. Magnesium dissolves the cramps – and, unfortunately, especially in chocolate especially much of the mineral is present. If you notice that your stomach is turning into a bottomless pit before and during menstruation, then you can take countermeasures. By putting in a rice day, dissolving magnesium tablets, or managing to discipline yourself … The time. Take a look yourself. Do you always get amazing munchies at 11 o'clock in the evening? Or does your hunger mercilessly strike at 4 pm? Try to control your eating habits with small snacks throughout the day (banana, apple, a little trail mix, a yoghurt …) and beat cravings. And here are a few tips if the appetite seems almost unbearable:

  • Distract yourself. Drink a glass of water, play an online game … The main thing is, you do not think about the fridge contents.
  • Realize your needs. You've already shoveled five cookies into yourself. Do you still need the sixth and the seventh? For real?
  • Distance! Look, you do not even come to dinner in weak moments. It helps to make an exact shopping list and really only buy what you cook. Schoki, biscuits, chips … all the dangerous foods that are only for snacking, are taboo.