Strong by Zumba: The workout for the perfect body

Do you remember the '00s? There was an incredible Zumba boom in the gyms! The hips were swung to Latin Zumba music, the kilos should melt through the dance workout in no time. Because at Zumba you stay in the low pulse range, which is particularly effective. The body burns up to 30 g of fat and 300 kcal in one Zumba hour. But now the dance sport is even more effective. Because "Strong by Zumba" combines parts of the sport invented in the 90s with the high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The "High Intensity Interval Training" is currently praised as the fastest and most effective method of burning fat and building muscle. It consists of intervals of short but particularly strenuous and intense exercises interrupted by short pauses or lighter units.

"Strong by Zumba": combination of music and HIIT

The peculiarity: While in other workouts the music is more in the background, for "Strong by Zumba" it is specially put together to increase the intensity during a demanding progression and to train the whole body. The workout consists of a "reverse engineering process". What sounds complicated, basically means the following: First, the workout is developed and then produces a synchronously matching music. The tracks are supposed to get the maximum out of the fitness program. This thesis is even scientifically founded: According to a study by CJ Bacon ( Sheffield Hallam University, Karageorghis, 2012 ), the body uses its energy much more efficiently when it moves in unison with the music. But not only the metabolism is improved – of course it also lifts the mood by music.

This is what a "Strong by Zumba" session looks like:

Which music suits "Strong by Zumba"?

In contrast to the original Zumba, where mainly Latin American rhythms such as salsa are used, the electro and hip-hop beats for "Strong by Zumba" are mixed by real hit producers. Grammy Award winner Timbaland, for example, has created some of the tracks: "I find the idea of ИН ИНmaking music the main motivator of a workout intriguing!" In the future, other hit parade stars will act as producers.

Where can I find "Strong by Zumba" classes?

Although the workout is relatively new, it is already being offered in numerous Austrian gyms. Exactly where "Strong by Zumba" classes are in your immediate vicinity can be found on the official StrongByZuma page via the "Find Courses" link.