Low Carb vs. Low Fat: What is good for whom?

And above all: For which type is which nutrition more suitable? "Low Fat" (less fat) or rather "low carb" (less carbohydrates)? What is behind "Low Fat"? Behind it is a healthy diet, in which the fat content is lowered and more fiber-rich carbohydrates should be eaten. Because the Austrians eat too many fatty foods and too few fruits and vegetables. A high fat content in the food leads to deposition of fat in the body. The result: strong overweight. The benefits of "low fat": в–є High-fiber carbohydrates (eg in fruits, vegetables and especially in cereal products) protect against many diseases: obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases (eg heart attack) or even colon cancer. в–є Carbohydrates saturate more than fat. в–є Carbohydrates reduce the amount of bad LDL cholesterol in our blood. в–є If we eat less fat, the high meat consumption of the Austrians also decreases – a contribution to a better environment. What can you eat? в–є Daily at least three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit – One serving means: a handful. в–є Look for lean types of meat: better turkey ham instead of fat sausage or pork instead of pork belly. Attention: Two to three times a week meat is enough. в–є Use high-quality flour (Type 1050) or rye flour instead of plain white flour (Type 405). Attention: Who uses wholegrain flour, must increase the amount of liquid during baking. в–є Reduce the consumption of sugar! Sugar favors overweight and diabetes. Drink water rather than sugar-sweetened fruit juices. For whom is "Low Fat" good? "Low Fat" is suitable as a long-term concept for people with weight problems. But it also helps to prevent obesity – especially for older people who want to keep their weight. What is behind "Low Carb"? "Low Carb" is a metabolic diet that keeps blood sugar and insulin levels low without reducing weight and lowers high blood lipids and high blood pressure. Instead of the calories from starch and sugar, the proportion of protein and fat is increased. The Benefits of "Low Carb": в–є Fats contain nutrients that have vital functions in the body. So tissue hormones are built up from fats. These hormones are crucial for the regulation of blood pressure, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant. в–є Fat is a flavor carrier, contains flavorings. With more fat, we are fuller and happier, eating less. в–є Carbohydrates, sugar and starch cause us to get hungry quicker and eat a lot more. в–є Saturated fatty acids increase the good HDL cholesterol that protects us. What can you eat? в–є A diet rich in protein, water and fiber – vegetables, salads, berries, mushrooms, nuts and legumes serve as the basis. At each main meal there is a serving of poultry or fish, fresh meat or eggs, milk or dairy products. в–є Carbohydrate-rich side dishes such as pasta, rice or dumplings should be avoided. в–є Of course you can also eat stilt or sausage – but serve winter vegetables like red cabbage or cabbage. For whom is "Low Carb" good? Actually for everyone. But those who, because of overweight and lack of exercise, already have sugar and lipid metabolism disorders or hypertension or diabetes, benefit quickly and directly. With such a diet you will be able to drastically reduce the drug or insulin dose drastically – or maybe you will not need any more.