Healing power of nature

The late summer is the ideal time to gather herbs. Rosemary, mugwort, thyme and others are now in season and not only in the kitchen use. They also help with intestinal problems, colds and hair loss, strengthen the circulation or care for the skin. People have trusted in this healing power for millennia. In alcohol, as a bath additive or wrap there are plenty of uses. Healing power of nature Mix your own small medicine chest. With our simple recipes to make your own, you come through the cold season healthy and beautiful. A sunny, warm morning, when the dew has already dried, is best for collecting. Because too much moisture would make the plants lazy. If you do not have a garden or a balcony with herbs, you can of course also buy them on the market. Make sure that they are not treated and not contaminated with pollutants. Jasmine Altrock • Rosemary wine to strengthen the circulation Effect: The rosemary helps with its essential oils in nervous, cardiac and circulatory weakness. Preparation: Pour 10 g rosemary leaves with a bottle of white wine. Leave for a week, filter leaves and drink a small glass twice a day. • Herbal salt with mugwort for digestion Effect: The bitters in the mugwort activate the digestive juices and make it easier to digest heavy and fatty foods. Preparation: Grind 5 g of dried mugwort with your fingers and mix with 30 g of cooking salt. Use for cooking. • Thyme bath for colds and flu Effect: Cough and bronchitis disappear with thyme. Responsible is the contained thymol. Preparation: Pour a handful of dried thyme leaves with 1 liter of boiling water. Let it rest for 20 minutes, strain and add to the bath water. • Dried heather in case of bad skin Effect: The anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect of the heather makes the skin beautiful again. Preparation: Add two teaspoons of dried heather to a cup of boiling water. Let it rest for ten minutes and place it on the impure skin with a cotton cloth. Nettle tincture against hair loss Effect: The nettle works well with provitamin A, mineral salts and iron especially in case of hair loss. Preparation: Put chopped roots in a bottle of 40% brandy vinegar and leave for two weeks. Apply daily to the scalp. • Marigold ointment for caressing skin Effect: Marigolds help with small wounds, rough spots, rashes and bruises. Preparation: Boil a handful of flowers in 200 ml of olive oil for a few minutes, strain. Mix 30 g melted beeswax with the oil. Allow the ointment to cool.