The biggest mistakes in cardio training

Only strength training is not good. If you want to improve your fitness and shape your body, then the training plan should be balanced. Optimal is the combination with cardio workout, in which your endurance and the cardiovascular system are strengthened. Running, swimming, cross trainer or spinning: Although these cardio workouts are among the most popular, there are also some mistakes that reduce the effects. What a pity, of course – after all, you do not want to overcome your inner bastard in vain.

These mistakes happen during cardio training

You train on an empty stomach. It is still the myth that the cardio training on an empty stomach, the fat reserves are attacked faster and you burn more. It sounds quite logical. But the fact is: A car can not drive without fuel – and your body behaves similarly here. Without energy, your body feels impulsive, the training is less effective in the end. It is therefore healthier and more effective to eat a snack like a banana or a protein bar before the cardio program. This gives you the power to accelerate, but it does not saturate you so that you hang on the treadmill like a flabby sack … You always do the same cardio program. We humans are habitual animals. Let's feel comfortable on the crosstrainer, then we always climb on the crosstrainer. The problem: We train only certain muscle groups. The body gets used to the same movements and reduces the energy expenditure … So that your workout is as balanced as possible, you should bring variety into the program. Do you go twice a week to the fitness center, then you should after (!) The strength exercises in a day cycling or swimming, the other on the treadmill or the elliptical machine.

You lose the fun. To stay tuned, the training must also be fun. If going to the gym every time is over, you'll eventually have your workout grinded – whether you're actually trying to lose weight or strengthen your musculoskeletal system. So that you do not lose the joy and thus motivation, there are two tips: Try again and again new cardio workouts that are offered in the gym – or even by the variety in the training plan boredom never arise. You give up too fast. In cardio training, you do not see any hyper-rapid changes in the body – the continuous work is crucial. For this must be weekly on the ball, because the body weaned extremely fast. Unfortunately, this causes demotivation for many … staying in touch is the motto. Because while strength training forms the body faster, Cardio is the best guarantee for real fitness. And here, too, show real results. Just not within three weeks …