Fitness Trend: Stiletto Yoga

Aching feet? Snow from yesterday, when it comes to an American coach. Because she has now developed a workout that prepares our legs for the hardships of High Heels & Co. There will hardly be a woman who can wear high shoes for hours without problems. Because we all know: What looks sexy and great for a few hours, hurts a lot after a while. Orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists also warn of "high heels" because, in the long term, they can cause malformations such as crooked toes, shortened Achilles tendons and chronic back pain. To put an end to all this, the New York-based yoga and fitness trainer Yamuna Zake has developed exercises to help women walk high-heeled painless, sexy and gracefully.

Training is done on a half-round rubber ball, with the help of which women should learn to roll up and down properly and in a controlled manner. Because it is important that you know what the correct weight distribution should be and that the entire foot musculature is strengthened as well.
After this introductory practice phase the right walking is learned in high heels or stilettos. Yoga and fitness exercises included!