Tips against iron deficiency

Tiredness, concentration problems (concentration exercises, brittle nails, hair loss, torn corners of the mouth, too strong a rule): If you have one or more of these symptoms, you may also suffer from iron deficiency – like every tenth woman in Austria Each cell needs it, it is responsible for the transport of oxygen in the blood, for the work of our brain, for concentration and memory as well as for the production of energy, and it ensures that our muscles fulfill their task Iron deficiency is a women's affair The hardest hit by iron deficiency are women of childbearing age, which can become chronic as a result of the regular loss of blood during menstruation, especially during heavy bleeding, and there is an increased risk during pregnancy and childbirth, high blood Loss in operations, one-sided nutrition (z. Vegetarians), gluten intolerance, children and adolescents in growth, the elderly, gastritis or chronic inflammation with gastrointestinal bleeding. Ferrous Nutrition First of all: Iron-containing foods should be on the menu every day! Because our body can not save the trace element. For an adequate supply of iron, therefore, the supply of iron must be higher than the consumption. Most foods that are on the daily diet, however, contain only small amounts of the trace element. Special attention should therefore be given to food that is particularly rich in iron. Иу A particularly good source of iron is animal products such as offal or meat. Иу Whole grains, green vegetables and legumes should also play a special role in the diet. Oxalic acid prevents iron absorption Spinach is in contrast to the general opinion a bad source of iron, because it contains oxalic acid, which adversely affects the absorption capacity. In addition to oxalic acid, so-called alginates, which are found, for example, in instant soups, can prevent iron absorption in the body. Iron supplements should only be used in cases of very severe iron deficiency. Because overdose of iron can lead to unpleasant side effects. So make sure that your iron intake remains balanced – only then will you be positively influenced. How to increase the iron absorption capacity In addition to the supply of iron-containing foods, the daily requirement can also be achieved by supporting the iron absorption capacity. Vitamin C, different amino acids and fructose help the body absorb the iron. Coffee and black as well as beauty elixir green tea on the other hand contain tannins that prevent the absorption of iron from vegetarian food. For vegetarians should therefore be between iron-rich meals and tea drinking at least one hour break. Another tip (especially for pregnant women): Always drink a glass of orange juice to eat! Thus, the need for vitamin C is covered and an increased intake of iron causes. This tip helps to avoid malnutrition.