Sports: These 6 methods strengthen your motivation!

It's six o'clock in the morning, the alarm rings … and you set the snooze alarm. Where is the motivation from last night when you vowed to do sports early in the morning? Grab the gym bag and head to the gym? Naaaaaaaa …. Per week, we should come to 150 minutes of physical activity. Guess doctors so that we can live a long and healthy life. That's about 20 minutes a day. But very few of us manage this workload. Could it be that a small but demotivating inner fight against the bastard has destroyed our workout mojo?

Scientifically proven: How to find the motivation for sports!

We've all been to the point where we were all too happy to pamper the workout or the run for a little excuse. Too cold. Too dark. Too late. Too early. Ate too much. Not enough eaten. What we need for our sports program: An extra dose of motivation! Here are six methods that experts have considered as the best motivational tricks for sports: DO NOT PUT YOU ONE TOO STRICT. Sounds absurd, but according to kinesiology professor Deborah Feltz of Michigan State University, strict rules are one and only to be broken as quickly as possible. "I have to start training on Monday or I can not do it" would be the wrong approach, according to the expert. "That makes it easy to find an excuse." It is better to set small and achievable goals. "I'll go for a walk." This does not immediately block our subconscious aka pig. COMPETITION STRENGTHENS MOTIVATION. Whether you want to get home first at the bike laps or run one step faster than your neighbor on the treadmill, competition is good for your motivation. According to the sports physician, the most helpful thing is to enroll in a group that is already a little better or faster than you. "That does not demotivating, but is an incentive to make an effort." TRAIN WITH A GIRLFRIEND. A STRONG FRIEND. Some people are more like types for solo workouts. But those of us who need a little extra motivation should engage a friend or friend as a training partner. A person who stands at your door at 6am to start the run and who does not even consider the launch of the new "Stranger Things" streak on Netflix to be an excuse. IT'S ABOUT FITNESS, NOT THE CRUCKY BUTTON. Your body needs time before the effects of regular sports really show on the figure. It can be a bit frustrating, especially as you want to have a two centimeter uplifted butt after just two hours of training … focus on a different goal, where you can celebrate faster successes. That would be, for example, 20 sit-ups in a row. Or 1 minute planking without collapse. USE SOCIAL MEDIA AS A MOTIVATION AID. Social media can sometimes be quite annoying – but it has a reason why fitness trackers or apps like "Runtastic" offer a direct link to Facebook. Because postings with fitness topics ("XY has run 5 kilometers today") are proven to be the most painful. Means for you: A real motivational push by your followers and friends. SET YOUR GOALS AND BELIEVE YOU. Humans are best motivated by praise, rewards, not punishment. So, if you set yourself small goals (say: "I'm just going to run 15 minutes longer today!") And implement them, then you should immediately reward yourself as well. How about a visit to the cinema, a new nail polish, a massage? Can you see? See you tomorrow at 6 o'clock on the treadmill?