What helps against cravings?

My name is Michaela and I am addicted to fruit gum. Whether in long strings, with Cola flavor or even in the form of Smurfs. And even if, after a few bites, the stomach whines for mercy, for safety reasons itself sticks and a bad thing, the cravings for the sticky candy still come back again and again. The rubbery temptation, chips, popcorn or other salty vices, comforting-soft cakes or the good old chocolate – almost all of us have a weakness for a not-so-healthy delicacy and know what I'm talking about. And sometimes you just jump on it with real cravings. But why? And what can I do about it? Cravings in most cases have something to do with an acute deficiency of the body. We get hungry because our body wants us to say that it needs energy. And above all, foods with a high calorie count bring fast and lots of energy: sweets, biscuits, salt-greasy foods are all foods with a very high energy density and consequently very quickly available energy. However, so that our body does not have to panic for a quickie, we should just eat enough. And that is best three times a day, enjoyable and adequate to the main meals. Ideally, enough dietary fiber and protein will end up on the plate. When you consume too many carbohydrates with a high glycemic index such as pasta, white bread or French fries, the blood sugar level drops quickly and the taste for the unhealthy increases. On the other hand, high blood sugar levels are maintained by protein-containing foods (meat, fish, cheese, dairy products) as well as foods with a low glycemic index (whole grains, legumes, vegetables). But too little sleep can be to blame for the grip in the chips bag: lack of sleep and restless sleep trigger hunger or binge eating and slow down even the metabolism. Better to go to bed earlier instead of destroying the nibbles in front of the TV. And even the knowledge that one may enjoy his very special vice from time to time reduces the greed on it. Because everything that is forbidden, just has a very special charm. However, if you treat yourself to this in regular household quantities, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Who needs a fork in certain moments?