Colon Hydro Therapy: How healthy are enemas really?

Colon Hydro Therapy or well German colonic irrigation is the alleged "miracle cure" for youthful appearance, as well as beautiful skin and hair. Stars like Jennifer Aniston (45), Madonna (56) and Gwyneth Paltrow (42) swear by this type of detox treatment, which involves pouring several liters of water into the body. WOMAN received from Dr. med. Elisabeth Winkler (, our detox expert, learns how healthy Colon Hydrotherapy really is.

Actress Jennifer Aniston swears by Colon Hydro Therapy.

What is the Colon Hydro Therpie?

It is a cleaning method of the large intestine. Filtered, alternating warm water is safely and carefully introduced into the colon without the use of chemicals or medication and runs out through a second tube. In this case, both stool residues, fungal colonies, toxins, as well as old deposits are released from the intestinal walls and excreted. Various articles read that the water is alternately set between 21 and 42 degrees Celsius. This finds Dr. Winkler, however, a little radically: " We hold the water in our patients mostly at body temperature, around 37-38 degrees and cool down to 30 degrees down to the intestine to emptying." Already 30 degrees Celsius feel cold inside our body at."
During treatment, an expert specialized in intestinal irrigation has her hand constantly resting on the abdomen of the patient to feel what is going on inside, whether the water is jamming in certain places or whether there is air in the intestine. By gentle pressure movements, it also supports the further transport of the stool to the intestinal exit. There, the stool remnants are discharged via a drain hose.

What is the goal of the therapy?

The gut is for us humans what roots are for a plant. With a surface of around 300 square meters, it forms the largest contact area with the outside world. Around 80% of the entire defense system of the human body is located in the area of тАЛтАЛthe intestine. At this interface between outside and inside world, it is important to prevent the absorption of harmful substances and toxins, and to promote their excretion. If people suffer from indigestion or a bloated stomach, the Colon Hydro Therapy can remove stuck fecal residues from the body and restore the natural intestinal movement. "However, intestinal rinses alone do not provide adequate detox treatment," says Dr. med. Winkler. "A professional doctor will not treat a patient with Colon Hydro Therapy unless a holistic review has been performed in advance." A proper detoxification process begins with proper nutrition. " T¬" We are also frequently asked if patients could be given a bowel lavage, but this is not possible without a preliminary examination – we are not a beauty salon. "

What are the risks of therapy?

Intestinal irrigation was already done in ancient times, as an emergency measure for constipation. Infeed systems are even available for home use. And yet, colon hydrotherapy seems to be controversial. "Due to the abundance of water, important probiotic bacteria are washed out of the body," it says. Is that correct? "It would be great if it were that easy to flush bacteria out of the body that way." Winkler. "The method may be controversial because it's sold as a miracle cure – which quickly makes you slim and beautiful, but that alone is not enough – it's all about the overall context, and we often get inquiries as to whether or not patients are getting through the intestinal lavage But that will not work without a preliminary examination – we are not a cosmetic institute for the intestine. "

Dr. Elisabeth Winkler – Expert for a healthy stomach. Dr. Elisabeth Winkler accompanies WOMAN editor Nadja for 7 weeks during a detoxification treatment in which intestinal rinses are also carried out. You can find the report, course and further information about the intestinal rehabilitation here: In 7 weeks to a healthy stomach.

Is colon hydrotherapy really nice?

"Detoxification always has a positive effect on our appearance, but many spas and beauty institutes advertise with unrealistic successes, such as a quick weight loss." Through the intestinal flushing, the abdomen is temporarily flat, but if you decrease it is not proven The body is detoxified over a longer period of time – by a change in diet, the renunciation of stimulants and additional intestinal flushing – then skin and hair are also beautiful.With our patients, we observed especially in the 2nd detoxification week, that the skin changes The skin is rosy, full and radiant. " If you want to detoxify yourself at home, we have put together with our expert a roadmap for 7 weeks: instructions for detoxification for the home
In case of complaints, however, you should always consult an expert in advance.