The best diet: 10in2

The holidays are over and the jeans are tight. But instead of falling head first into the next diet, why not try a completely new nutrition concept? The trick of the program, which is called 10in2: There are no prohibitions. You can eat anything you want – every other day. That means no complicated meal plans and calorie calculators, saving money and additional free time. Additional Plus: Your thoughts are no longer permanently about food: What may I, what not? Should I eat protein now or would you prefer carbohydrates? Is there too much fat in it? The non-dining days at 10in2 offer the opportunity to finally take a break from it. Timing. The diet is based on the scientific knowledge that it does not matter how much you eat, but when you eat it. Because at night our body processes the food and releases hormones. These reduce our fat reserves. When the body is supplied with food all the time, it is only digesting and storing the excess calories as fat rather than recycling them. The longer the body does not have to digest, the better its hormones can work. As a result, the cell renewal works much better, which is associated with a very sustainable anti-aging effect. WOMAN has reported on a similar concept, the "Intermittent Diet". With 10in2 this idea will be continued. 10in2: Everything allowed. The concept is very simple: eat one day (1), eat nothing for one day (0). The sequence of one and zero days results in the name 10in2. The seminar-cabaret artist Bernhard Ludwig developed this idea for his program "Instructions for dietary madness." Cabaret visitors tried the concept, since 2008 he does it, and there is a steadily growing fan base including Facebook page (can be found at 10in2 – LustvollLeben) Doctors such as the hormone specialist Prof. Johannes Huber and the nutritionist Prof. Kurt Widhalm are also impressed by the concept and give their expert opinion in the book: Eating intermittently.The basis of this nutritional idea is the so-called alternating fasting, ie fasting with interruption Not only is there less calories you can eat, the body can concentrate better on utilizing the food, but the special treat is that on the days of lunch, you can eat whatever you want, there are no prohibitions. Of course that does not mean that you should stuff all the unhealthy stuff in. But if you're after roast pork and curd cheese That's okay, then. Over time, however, the need for healthy food on the one-day days comes naturally, as 35-year-old Michaela Lechner tells. She lives since April 2012 after the concept of 10in2, has lost 8.5 pounds and feels so comfortable with it. "Especially as a mother of two small children, you often eat some snack between the door and the hook – I do not do that at all – even on vacation, the" zero days "worked really well." New lightness Gerda Moser has been practicing the concept since April 2010 It's in the middle of the day, when many women gain weight for hormonal reasons. "In the beginning, of course, some people laughed at me, but that's long gone. By invitations, I am now even asked what kind of day I have, "says the 51-year-old. With 10in2 she has leveled off at her feel-good weight of 53 kg and excellent blood values. This is also the reason why inventor Bernhard Ludwig swears by himself: "In my life, I've lost 500 kilograms and gained 550 kilograms." I'm a classic diet victim. "When I came up with the idea for the seminar Cabaret had, I had pretty much behind me.My viewers have tried it and reported on.At some point, I thought to myself: I'm developing something wonderful and do not even try it myself, that's crazy.After that, I needed exactly one day, to know that I want to live this concept for the rest of my life. " Eating break: Fasting is not difficult, confirms Martina Kalkgruber, 33:" Eating a day is much easier for me than it is for me all the time to castigate and consider what is allowed and what is not. Prohibitions only create pressure and make things even more enjoyable. "After many dietary attempts, the Upper Austrian woman started with 10in2 in the summer and lost 5.5 kilos in 8 weeks.