Attention: This food increases your nervousness!

Inner restlessness, a constant feeling of stress and nervousness. This is not only due to too much pressure, constant distraction and too little sleep, but to wrong diet. And not even to a small extent: in 80 percent of all cases, researchers claim, food causes nervousness. Of course, it depends on the quantities – and not every person does not react equally sensitively. Nevertheless, it is important to know which foods are not good for us.

Attention: These foods can increase stress and nervousness

1. sweetener

The artificial sweetener aspartame is high on the list of stress-causing foods. The reason: Aspartame is similar in composition to our stress hormones and can cause restlessness and headaches.

2. gummy bears

You grasp gummy bears in stressful moments? Unfortunately the wrong reaction. Because the contained dye tartracin (E 102) brings our brain metabolism out of balance and ensures irritability and increased nervousness.

3. Black tea

Oxalic acid, which is found in black tea, is considered a critical substance because it reduces the mineral content of the bones and can thus promote back pain. This ensures increased stress especially in sedentary activities such as office jobs.

4. crispbread

It is commonly considered healthy. Nevertheless, about 15 percent of all Austrians suffer from a lactose intolerance and react with increased output of the stress hormone cortisol to the consumption of crispbread, dairy products, chocolate or sausage.

5. Packer Soups

Sweat breakout, shortness of breath, extreme restlessness: These may be the reactions to the ingredient often used in finished products such as packer soups, namely sodium glutamate (E 621).

6. Salami

Also proven as a stress trigger by nutritionists: histamine. The tissue hormones dilate the blood vessels and can lead to headache and dizziness. Especially in salami, the histamine content is particularly high.

7th white bread

The consumption of "bad" carbohydrates causes our blood sugar levels to rise quickly and to drop just as quickly. Nevertheless, we try to continue working at the same level, which puts our body under stress and increases nervousness. Tip: Dairy products reduce the disturbing effect caused by white bread.

8. Wine

Are you saying "vasoactive amines" something? Well, so far not us. They dilate the blood vessels and can cause anxiety and even migraine in sensitive people. They are mainly contained in Riesling, Chianti and Sherry.

9th pickle gherkin

Pickles are a great snack – but not when you're already under stress anyway. They contain the preservative benzoic acid (E 210), which is poorly tolerated, especially by asthmatics.

10. Pudding

You feel tired after a pudding, flabby and still upset inside? Gluten can be the Gluten Gluten, which can not be optimally utilized by the intestine and therefore provides exhaustion and restlessness.

11. Limo from cans

Studies have shown that even coated cans can deliver up to 0.3 mg of aluminum to one liter of sweet drink. The citric acid (E 330) contained therein transports the toxic aluminum directly into the brain, thus causing concentration difficulties.

12. Fish sticks

Fish fingers, processed cheese and cola can also contain phosphates, which increase the stress level.

13. Chewing gum

Many chewing gums contain the antioxidants E 310, 312 and 321, which have a negative influence on the messenger metabolism in the brain.

14. Fruit yoghurt

With the restriction: evening! Because the body can not handle the acid excess in the metabolism during the night so well, bad sleep is the result. And then provides for concentration weaknesses and restlessness.