Which pollens are the worst allergy triggers?

Pollen enter the body via the respiratory tract and, in conjunction with a malfunction in the immune system, cause the signaling substance histamine to develop. Particularly dangerous are pollen, which are spread by the wind. Allergies suffer from watery eyes, snuffing noses and swelling especially in spring. The worst allergy triggers. 1. deciduous trees. Above all deciduous trees provide allergic reaction to hay fever. Birch, hazel and alder are among the most aggressive pollen donors.
The pollens of beech, ash, linden, elm and willow are less dangerous. 2. conifers. Here, pine is considered the most serious cause of hay fever. 3. Grasses and herbs. Allergy sufferers should beware of the pollen of bluegrass, meadowweed grass, ryegrass, wild oat, rye, wheat, barley, sorrel, goosefoot, ragweed and especially mugwort! When is pollen time? The pollen season starts with the flowering time of the trees in spring. This is followed by the grasses before the herbs stop the pollen. If you suffer from allergy symptoms at the same time each year, you can at least narrow down whether this is grasses, trees or herbs as the cause. Important: To get a clear diagnosis of whether you have hay fever, you should definitely consult your doctor.