The basic day in between

In order to maintain our physical functions, there are regulatory mechanisms in operation around the clock. One of these mechanisms is the acid-base balance. Prank for a week or even two acidifiers from your diet and your metabolism will thank you. However, because it is not easy for many to follow through the Basenfasten over a longer period of time betrays non-medical practitioner Sabine Wacker – together with her husband, she developed the "Wacker method" – in her book "Basenfasten for urgent" (Trias Verlag), as the basic Day works in between. A good day for this project is Saturday. day before
If you are prone to constipation, the effect of the basic day is improved by a colon cleansing. Make an enema the night before or take a serving of Glauber's salt. In the morning
After getting up, drink a glass of hot water of spring water quality – this boosts digestion. For breakfast there is an apple or a banana. Even a freshly pressed apple and carrot juice is suitable – the carrots promote the detoxification of the liver. Boil a pot of herbal tea and drink it until noon. Take two or three veggies and some leafy lettuce when you go shopping for the weekend. at lunchtime
Prepare a salad of green salad, carrot salad and radish salad with a basic dressing. Boil the second pot of herbal tea – this must be emptied until the evening. Take a walk of about an hour in the afternoon – or go jogging or walking. in the evening
Eat a basic vegetable soup with one or two vegetables of your choice before 7pm. Of course you can also cook a basic dish. Drink about a liter of herbal tea or water. Treat yourself to a basic bath before bedtime. Go to bed before 11pm.