Losing weight: I change my body image!

Heidi Klum walked over the catwalk in underwear a few weeks after the birth of her 25th child. Miranda Kerr jumps free of cellulite on the beach of Miami. And on Victoria Beckham's tender girl's body, the size zero costume still slaps like an empty laundry bag even after four children. And my body? Has not recovered after the birth of my daughter last year. The belly is still soft, the butt has dents, the breasts stretch marks. And to tell the truth, washboard or peach was never there. I am not a Gisele B№ndchen, I will never. That's not what nature intended, no matter how much I box my body with diets, my breasts with Wonderbra in the air and my legs with stilettos in the length squeeze. So maybe it's time to make peace with my looks. So here are eight erroneous beliefs that I now give up once and for all. And I wish that I had done it before. Deleted Myth 1: Eat little and hope to dilute into Kate Moss. Not only that every single kilo of weight saved from the lips weighs double on the hips in no time, as soon as I take another bite – every diet mixes up my metabolism for quite a long time. So whistle better. In the future, I treat myself to the pizza with extra cheese – and I prefer to swim a few lengths more so my body does not run completely out of shape. Strikethrough Belief 2: You can not wear this. From outside specified criteria such as "too old" or "too thick" are no longer for me in terms of outfit from now. I dress as I feel like. Do I have to hide under a tent because I do not look like a beanstalk? Or choose subtle colors as soon as I've crossed 40? From now on I only wear what I feel comfortable with. Coarse misconception 3: Anyone can see my huge pores and pimples. It's these tiny blemishes that make us crazy. The big pores on the nose. The pimple on the forehead. Immediately we spend huge sums on special cosmetics. Although nobody really sees anything of it except us. Unless he holds a magnifying glass over his face.

Satisfied? Why not? Stripped misconception 4: Only the most effective workout is the best. Have you ever enrolled in a gruesome workout just because everyone claims you burn the most calories, get the most crunchy butt and legs free? And did you then unsubscribe after five sessions or continue to pay, only to go back half a year? Look for a workout that is so much fun for you to stay tuned. Even if the effects are not so superficially visible. Coarse Faith 5: He only loves me when I'm super-slim. If a guy really loves you then it's the way you are and because you are. And not because of your za№r№rren legs. In addition, in order to adjust the picture once: few men like hungry hooks. But athletic women with the right curves. But above all, if you want to change something in your body, do it for yourself. Not for a man. Strikethrough misconception 6: Stars are perfect. Of course you know it – but still it should be mentioned: Just because Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover of Vogue wearing a woven from organic grass tunic worth 7,000, – Euro, does not mean that the Glow in her wrinkle-free face not Photoshop was applied. Even the bikini selfies, "snapshots" of models like Miranda Kerr and Co. were perfectly styled with the help of filter apps. So why are we trying to get close to a cheating picture? Can only frustrate. Strikethrough Belief 7: Everyone else is perfect. Even your girlfriend with the seemingly perfect body hates something about her. That's how we women are. It does not take us a step further, when we stare in vain on the dellenfreien thighs of the neighbor or the firm breasts of the colleague. That is why mine do not become smoother or suddenly oppose my decollete of gravity. Stripped misconception 8: Tan makes me look thinner. It may be that the cellulite is therefore less obvious and I look sportier for two months and possibly a shade thinner. Thanks in a few years? Wrinkled skin and at worst skin cancer. No worthwhile use for seasonal #Awesomeness.